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Dr David Arkell
  • Dr David Arkell is the Director of Business Development at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University and was the CEO of SmartLIFE Low Carbon Centre.
Sarah Barker
  • Special Counsel at Minter Ellison Lawyers and and non-executive director at Emergency Services & State Super. Sarah’s work on fiduciary duties and climate change has won numerous awards.
Jeremy Baskin
  • Senior Fellow, Melbourne Business School. Jeremy teaches the Business & Sustainability course of the MBA program at MBS. He was formerly director of CISL Australia.
Judith Britnell
  • Judith is a retrofit and sustainability expert with a background in architecture, project management, and research.
Louise Davidson
  • CEO, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors. Louise brings more than 20 years senior expertise in the financial services and superannuation industry.
Dr Louise Drake, Fellow
  • Louise Drake has a passion for supporting current and future business leaders to respond to some of the most pressing global leadership challenges and opportunities. She is currently one of the course directors and an academic tutor for the Master’s in Sustainability Leadership. She lectures and supervises on a range of topics relating to sustainability and leadership (including leadership theory, the history of sustainability, large scale behaviour change, social entrepreneurship, food systems, waste planning and management), and supports the Cambridge High Impact Leadership Online Programme, all with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).
Louise Ellison
  • Louise Ellison is the Group Head of Sustainability at Hammerson plc. She leads a team of 6 people, responsible for establishing and delivering Hammerson’s sustainability programme, Positive Places across their property portfolios in the UK, France and Ireland. Hammerson is an industry leader in sustainability, consistently delivering new initiatives alongside year on year operational efficiencies. In 2017 the company launched a target of becoming Net Positive in carbon emissions, resource use, water demand and socio-economic impacts by 2030.
Dr Ray Galvin
  • Dr Ray Galvin’s field of work is environmental science, with an interdisciplinary background in engineering, social sciences, policy studies, and more recently economics.
Dr Maria Christina Georgiadou
  • Dr Maria Christina Georgiadou is a Senior Lecturer in Construction at the Department of Property and Construction, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster, London.
Dr Jenny Gray
  • CEO of Zoos Victoria. Jenny has a wide range of public and private sector experience having worked in transportation, airlines and banking, before moving into the zoo industry.
John Hicks
  • John is Location Director for WSP’s Cambridge office, promoting cross-disciplinary working and business development and encouraging careers in engineering and STEM subjects through schools engagement activities.
Mark Ingram
  • Founding CEO of Business for Development, a leading practitioner and voice of inclusive business in the Asia-Pacific region.
Professor Deanna Kemp, Senior Associate
  • Deanna is Professor and Director, CSRM and MISHC, People Centres, Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI), The University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane. She is a leading international expert focused on the social and political challenges of the global mining industry.
Dr Rachael Luck
  • Dr Rachael Luck is a chartered architect with MSc in Applied Informatics (Capgemini prize), and a MSc and PhD in Construction Management.
Lorna McNeur
  • Lorna McNeur has researched and lectured in Architecture since 1982 in the USA, Canada, and the UK: at The Cooper Union in New York, Carleton University in Ottawa, and the University of Cambridge.
Jo Morrison
  • Jo Morrison is a chartered landscape architect with a BSc in Human Environmental Studies and an MA in Urban Design.
Dr Jim Platts
  • Dr Jim Platts came to academia with 23 years' experience in industry, working on the design, development and manufacture of the large composite moulded blades for wind turbines.
Dr Francesco Pomponi
  • Dr Francesco Pomponi is the Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Construction of Edinburgh Napier University.
Dr Bhavna Sharma
  • Dr Bhavna Sharma is a lecturer at the University of Bath in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering.
Kaitlin Tait
  • Kaitlin is co-founder of Spark* International and Global General Manager of Impact for YGAP
Dr Eleanor Voss
  • Dr Eleanor Voss’ research focuses on generating and realising benefits of Building Information Modelling.
Penny Walker
  • Penny has been a sustainable development consultant, facilitator and trainer since 1996, working with clients from the corporate, public and voluntary sectors.
Dr Elanor Warwick
  • Dr Elanor Warwick is an architect and urban designer with over 10 years in practice designing houses, schools and health buildings in the public and private sector.