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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Her recognition of the importance of cross sector collaboration led Caroline to venture into the family business and sustainability space after nearly two decades in MNCs. At Family Business Network International (FBN Int), she is a passionate advocate of conscious capitalism; building trust between sectors, encouraging cross-pollination of ideas and catalyzing for-profit and non-profit partnerships.



Caroline believes that Family Businesses are uniquely positioned to be transformative agents in driving the sustainability agenda – their long term vision, willingness and ability to align their values and practices with the greater community allow them to meet present day challenges while projecting for generations to come. Caroline is the co-creater and lead for Polaris - a global movement of family businesses as a force for good.

Caroline is also working with a group of impact aficionados to further the B Corp Movement in Singapore and the region. She is a volunteer with Jesuit Refugee Services where she focusses on livelihood opportunities for at-risk groups. Caroline’s community work includes time spent in Indonesia, Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

 Caroline   Seow
Head of Sustainability, Family Business Network International, B Lab Market Builder