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Programme governance

Academic Advisory Committee

The Academic Advisory Committee is responsible for high-level quality assurance and takes into account, amongst other things, feedback from participants. The Committee comprises the representatives from the five associated Departments.

Architecture Dr Adam Menuge
Engineering Dr Richard Fenner
Geography Dr Chris Sandbrook
Land Economy Nick Mansley
Judge Business School Dr Benn Lawson


Learning Teaching Committee

The Learning Teaching Committee is responsible for regularly evaluating the Master's course. In addition it is also a forum for the students to express their opinions and take an active role in the development of the programme. The Committee membership includes: Dr Doug Crawford Brown, representing the Academic Advisory Committee, the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership Director, Director of Graduate Programmes, Deputy Director of the Master's, the Graduate Programmes Manager and student representatives from each of the active cohorts. The committee meets termly.


Judge Business School Degree Committee

The Judge Business School Degree Committee acts as the administering Degree Committee for this Master’s in Sustainability Leadership Programme. The Committee has oversight of admissions, extensions, intermissions and the award of the qualification. All of these activities are managed by CISL.

CISL is the awarding body not the Judge Business School.

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2020 intake workshop dates

Workshop 1: 30 Aug-05 Sept 2020
Workshop 2: 11-17 April 2021
Workshop 3: 05-11 Sept 2021
Workshop 4: 03-09 April 2022

2019 intake workshop dates

Workshop 1: 22–28 September 2019
Workshop 2: 29 March–4 April 2020
Workshop 3: 13–19 September 2020   
Workshop 4: 11–17 April 2021 

2018 intake workshop dates

Workshop 1: 16–22 September 2018 
Workshop 2: 31 March–6 April 2019
Workshop 3: 1–7 September 2019   
Workshop 4: 29 March–4 April 2020