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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Tomas Wyns is a Doctoral Researcher at the IES. He is working on European and international climate policy, in particular the design of the EU Emissions Trading System, post-2020 industrial and innovation policy and enhancing global climate action under a 2015 international climate agreement. Tomas has a Master's degree in Physics and is specialised in international relations and conflict management.



Before joining the IES, Tomas worked for five years as a climate policy officer in the environmental administration of the Flemish government in Belgium, responsible for implementing the European Emissions Trading System and industrial energy efficiency policies. He later joined the European Climate Action Network where he co-ordinated the European NGO’s activities with regard to Europe’s 2020 climate and energy package, including the implementation of the reviewed EU Emissions Trading System. Tomas finally directed the Center for Clean Air Policy’s European office for two years, where he developed innovative solutions for industrial policy embedded in EU climate and energy action, assisted in the financing and development of National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in developing countries and supported Chinese authorities in the design and implementation of a pilot emissions trading system in Hubei province. Tomas has been attending the UNFCCC climate negotiations since 2007, assisting parties and stakeholders with insights into the development of post-2012 international climate action.  

 Tomas   Wyns
Doctoral Researcher, IES