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Dr Paul Fisher Fellow

Dr Paul Fisher, Fellow

After an initial academic career as a macroeconomist specialising in large-scale models, Paul was a senior figure at the Bank of England for 26 years, retiring in July 2016. He was a member of the Monetary Policy Committee for five years, the interim Financial Policy Committee for two years and the PRA Board for six months. Paul was also responsible in latter years for co-ordinating the Bank’s work on climate change.


During the great financial crisis Paul worked in the Markets Area of the Bank, from March 2009 as Executive Director responsible, amongst many other things, for the Bank's programme of asset purchases for quantitative easing, and introducing the Funding for Lending Scheme – as well as routine management of the UK’s foreign currency reserves and the Bank of England’s balance sheet more broadly. 

In his final two years Paul was largely responsible for management and coordination of the new Prudential Regulation Authority as its Deputy Head, whilst researching matters of financial stability, policy co-ordination and governance, competition policy, supervision and regulation – including covering for eight months as Executive Director for Insurance Supervision where he acquired his climate change responsibilities.

Among a range of outside positions Paul currently chairs the London Bullion Market Association, is a NED at the UK Debt Management Office, provides consultancy services to central banks and spends about half his time on academic work, including climate change.  In 2017/18 he was a member of the High Level Experts Group on Sustainable Finance at the European Commission and the UK Green Finance Task Force. He is also visiting professor in economics and finance at Richmond, the American International University in London.

Paul is Vice Chair of CISL's Banking Environment Initiative.

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