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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Dr Tim Forman is a Senior Research Associate and Senior Teaching Associate at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Tim is Deputy Director of the Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE) postgraduate courses, and he leads research into the exemplary retrofit and refurbishment of the Entopia Building by CISL.


Tim has a multi-disciplinary background in the built environment sector, with experience in architecture, construction and engineering contexts. Tim’s research and teaching interests relate to the professional practice agenda for rapid transition to sustainability and resilience priorities. Tim is particularly interested in challenges associated with existing buildings and designing and constructing to meet changing climate conditions and social needs. Tim’s teaching and research are focussed on the roles of designers, engineers, constructors and operators in meeting these challenges and on the value of interdisciplinary collaboration in delivering more successful projects and more sustainable buildings and cities.

Prior to joining CISL, Tim spent several years as a Research Associate at the Centre for Sustainable Development in the Department of Engineering and as a Teaching Fellow with the MPhil Engineering for Sustainable Development course in 2019 and 2020.

Tim is a regular participant in forums and roundtables on sustainability and strategy for industry and policy, and he works as a consultant to industry on sustainability practices, strategy and assessment.

Tim Forman
Senior Research Associate