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Professor Edgar Pieterse Senior Associate

Professor Edgar Pieterse, Senior Associate

Edgar is holder of the DST/NRF South African Research Chair in Urban Policy, directs the African Centre for Cities and is Professor in the School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics, all at the University of Cape Town.


He has served as a Faculty Member of the Prince of Wales’s Business & Sustainability Programme at several seminars worldwide. In earlier roles he served as Special Advisor to the Premier of the Western Cape Provincial Government and directed a number of urban policy think tanks before his stint in government. He is a founder member of Isandla Institute, serves on the Boards of the Sustainability Institute and the Cape Town Partnership; and is a member of the Research Advisory Committee of the Gauteng City-region Observatory and the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. He regularly provides advisory services to international development agencies such as: UN-Habitat, African Development Bank, DBSA, National Planning Commission, OECD urban division and UNEP. Edgar holds a PhD from the London School of Economics, an MA in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies (The Hague, The Netherlands) and BA-Honours from the University of the Western Cape.