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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Programme oversight is provided by the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) MSt Committee and the School of Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Education Committee. The CISL programme team hold regular meetings with student representatives, nominated by their fellow students, to discuss issues related to teaching, social activities and graduation.

Architecture & History Degree Committee

The Architecture & History Degree Committee acts as the administering Degree Committee for the Master’s in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment. Although managed by CISL, the Committee has oversight of admissions, extensions, intermissions and the award of the qualification. All of these activities are managed by CISL.

CISL is the awarding body not the Architecture & History Degree Committee.


CISL Management Board

The Management Board provided high-level oversight and is the is the awarding body for the Postgraduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment.


External examiners

External examiners are appointed as members of the Board of Examiners and play an essential part in ensuring that formal procedures are adhered to, that the standards of awards in Cambridge are comparable to those elsewhere, and in suggesting improvements to the examination process.  



The University of Cambridge is registered with the Office for Students (OfS) as the higher education regulator in England.