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**In an amendment to the video script, please note PCSB now contains 2 four-day workshops. 

Leading organisations are embedding sustainability into their core business – mitigating risks, increasing resilience, and enhancing value in the short and long term. PCSB is uniquely designed to encourage students to go beyond the practical application of tools and models, to develop insights and world views that make business sense of sustainability, and empower leaders to bring about organisational change.

The content is explored through two workshops, supported by essential reading and practical assignments:

  • Workshop 1 builds awareness of key sustainability risks and opportunities and the relevance to business, exploring the strategic business case for responding.
  • Workshop 2 focuses on the role of business in catalysing change in the wider system (finance, policy, industrial systems) and what it looks like to bring about meaningful change within an organisational context.

Crosscutting themes such as innovation and leadership are embedded within and/or interspersed between the main sessions.


“The course is intelligent, insightful and innovative, covering multiple aspects and contexts of sustainability leadership. Once you start the journey, you won't want it to ever end.”

Kishore Ravuri, UN Global Compact Network, Malaysia, PCSB


Indicative themes for Organisational stream workshops


Workshop 1

Understanding the global risks and opportunities, and what needs
to change

Workshop 2

Catalysing change in and beyond the organisation


  • Environmental, social and economic pressures and drivers
  • Sustainability concepts and frameworks
  • Systems thinking
  • Sustainability risks and opportunities
  • A sustainable economy
  • The business response to sustainability
  • Leadership for sustainability
  • Strategic planning for action
  • Levers for system level change
  • Communication and influence
  • Leadership for change


Assignment tasks

Group Project theme scoping

Analysis Paper preparation

Group Project research and drafting

Strategic Action Plan preparation 






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