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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Ken is currently Director of Partnerships in Practice – a UK-based think tank and consultancy that focuses on ensuring that global to local partnership approaches are fit-for-purpose.


Prior to this Ken was the Director of Building Partnerships for Development, a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder think tank that sought to strengthen institutional arrangements that deliver water and sanitation and other services in poor communities. Much of Ken's work has been around understanding how incentives and risks shape partnership approaches, and how aspects of political economy (like land tenure, perceptions of public accountability and stakeholder engagement, culture, etc.) influence the delivery of public services. Ken has worked with major donor/corporate partnerships, global and national public/private/civil society partnerships, and local service-provider/citizen partnerships.

Ken has worked with a diverse range of projects, from public/private partnerships in Buenos Aires and Jakarta, to public toilet provision in Ghana, to political economy analysis of sanitation services in Brazil. Ken has also supported the Cambodian Government and the World Bank to strengthen partnerships between state and non-state actors to enhance democratic governance.  More recently, Ken has been involved in designing collective (public, private and civil society) stewardship approaches to managing water risks.  

 Ken  Caplan
Director, Partnerships in Practice
Senior Associate, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership