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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)


Whether you are an organisation seeking to develop and engage colleagues across the business or an individual keen to build your own insight, capability and peer network, our online courses provide learners with expert insight, high levels of interactivity and a supported learning experience to achieve measurable outcomes

CISL’s eight week online courses are delivered in collaboration with digital education provider GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc. Please refer to the course page for upcoming start dates.




Eight-week online, 6–10 hours per week


Online, tutor-assisted


Our online courses form part of our wide range of in-person sustainability leadership courses and workshops.


8 week online courses

Governance for a Sustainable Future

For professionals seeking to unleash transformative change by leading with sustainability-aligned decision-making.

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Sustainable Real Estate: Creating a Better Built Environment

For professionals across the built
environment who want to understand the sustainability challenges facing the real
estate sector.

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Business Sustainability

For professionals wanting to act as an
agent for positive change and lead sustainability across an organisation.

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Business and Climate Change

For professionals looking to combat climate change and build business models that are resilient to, and profitable in, the low
carbon, resource-efficient economy of the twenty-first century.

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Communicating for Influence and Impact

For professionals seeking to build the communication skills to achieve meaningful change.

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Sustainable Marketing, Media and Creative

For marketing, media and creative professionals who wish to be at the forefront of sustainability transformation.

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Leading Sustainability: High Impact Leadership

For professionals seeking to build skills in values driven, high impact leadership.

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Sustainable Supply Chain Management

For professionals wanting to keep up with emerging trends and build resilience within the supply chain environment.

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Sustainable Finance

For professionals working within or with the finance sector interested in harnessing sustainable finance initiatives to bring about positive change.

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Business and Social Justice

For business owners, individuals, and professionals wanting to deepen their understanding of the structural roots
of social injustice and how business can
lead the way to transformational change.

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Women Leading Change: Shaping
Our Future

For current and aspiring leaders who are ready to lead change in organisations and society through systemic transformation.

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Sustainable Food: Production and Processing

For individuals working at every stage of global or local food systems, from the
supplier to the consumer.

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Book a bundle of courses to receive a preferred rate. Each bundle offers a bundle of two or three of our 8 week open online courses. Complete the courses in an order that fits your schedule. You will have the option to select your preferred starting date for each course during the registration process. 


Sustainable Business and Finance bundle

For professionals who want to deliver impact and create resilience in a changing environment.

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Sustainable Business Operations bundle

For professionals looking to build sustainable supply chains and operations in their organisation.

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Sustainable Marketing and Communication Strategy bundle

For professionals who seek to drive sustainability transformation and align business success with positive social and environmental outcomes.

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Other online course formats

Bespoke online learning

Designed to build the leadership, strategy and operational capabilities of your team to drive and influence change across and beyond your organisation. By understanding the issues that are
most critical to the future success of your company our team can design a bespoke online learning experience that matches your specific requirements and objectives.

For organisations looking to build awareness, engagement and capability across all employees or specific functions or leadership levels

Varies, Online, self-paced, or with face-to-face learning


Quotation based on your requirements

Sustainability Essentials for Business

This self-paced four hour online sustainability course helps individuals understand global sustainability trends and effective business responses. The learner-centric design allows users to learn in their own time, completing modules over a number of days or weeks anywhere around the world.

For individuals seeking to build a common understanding of sustainability within organisations

4-5 hours, self-paced, on demand learning


£110 + VAT per 6-months licence (discounts for bulk purchase available)