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Learn flexibly with our online sustainability and leadership courses

Are you an organisation looking to build a common understanding of sustainability that can be applied in your own unique commercial context? 

Bespoke online learning

Designed to build the capability of your team to integrate sustainability into business practice and have informed interactions with your clients. 

By understanding the sustainability issues that are most critical to your company our team can design a bespoke online learning experience that matches your specific requirements and objectives. We create your own self-paced online courses of varying lengths or blend online with a face-to-face learning experience.

Language: English (translations available)
Format: Online, self-paced, or with face-to-face learning
Length: Varies
Cost: Quotation based on your requirements

Are you a professional wanting to keep up with emerging trends and build resilience within the supply chain environment?

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Online

Gain the confidence to influence change and create efficient and effective supply chains in a fast-changing business context.

The future of supply chains is going to be significantly disrupted. Climate change, biodiversity loss, rising inequality, alongside rapid innovations in technology – this eight-week online course is designed to upskill professionals to create future-focused supply chain strategies. The course is relevant to any role linked to supply chains including purchasing and procurement, operations, supply chain planning, logistics, CSR, risk management and finance. 

Language: English
Format: Online, tutor-assisted 
Length: 8 weeks online, 10 hours per week
Cost: £2,100

Are you an individual looking to equip yourself with the values and practices to lead with high impact influence in any business context? 

High Impact Leadership

High Impact Leadership Online

Develop strategies to communicate and engage with stakeholders to drive effective change

This eight-week online course is for future-focused current and aspiring business leaders who want to pioneer meaningful change in any context. It explores a holistic approach to leadership that underpins its value in delivering meaningful outcomes across any business or industry. You’ll be equipped with versatile leadership skills and develop leadership strategies relevant to a changing business world.

Language: English
Format: Online, tutor-assisted
Length: 8 weeks online, 8–10 hours per week
Cost: £2,100

Are you an individual wanting to act as an agent for positive change and lead sustainability in your organisation?

Business Sustainability Management

Business Sustainability Management Online

Develop integrated sustainability strategies, and implement them throughout your sphere of influence

Designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of key aspects of sustainability in a commercial context, you’ll walk away from this highly structured, eight-week online course with an action plan for integrating sustainable practices across your business strategy. With ongoing guidance and support from expert tutors, this tutor-assisted course will equip you with well-rounded knowledge and the confidence to argue the business case for sustainability.

Language: English
Format: Online, tutor-assisted 
Length: 8 weeks online, 12–15 hours per week
Cost: £2,100

Are you an individual wanting to gain a basic understanding of sustainability in a business context? 

Sustainability Essentials

Designed to help you build an understanding of global sustainability trends and effective business responses and actions.

An effective introduction to the global sustainability trends that are impacting organisations in all sectors and effective business responses. Ideal for those wanting to gain a good grounding in business sustainability, the learner-centric design allows users to learn in their own time, completing modules over a number of days or weeks, anywhere around the world.

Language: English
Format: Online, self-paced
Length: Self-paced, typically 4 hours 
Cost: £220 per licence

Available entirely online, anywhere in the world, our part-time online sustainability courses empower individuals and organisations to take the lead in tackling critical global challenges.

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