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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Jaap Spier (1950) graduated from Erasmus University (Rotterdam) in 1973. He was attorney at the Rotterdam Bar until 1977, lecturer of private law, Leyden ersity (1977-1981), company lawyer Unilever NV (1982-1989) and professor of private law, Tilburg University (1989-1999; after appointment in the Supreme Court part time).



Advocate-General at the Supreme Court of The Netherlands (from 1997 until September 2016); Honorary professor at Maastricht University (as from 1999; emeritus as from 4 March 2016); Honorary Professor, University of Amsterdam (2016-2018); Extraordinary Professor, University of Stellenbosch (as from 1 July 2016); senior Associate University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership; senior fellow Global Justice Program Yale.

Founder and honorary President of the European Group on Tort Law. Co-founder (with Prof Thomas Pogge) of an expert group working on climate change principles (this group issued the Oslo Principles; Jaap served as rapporteur); co-founder of the Expert group on Climate Obligations of Enterprises (rapporteur and author of the commentary of the first and second edition); fellow of Stias (research institute attached to the University of Stellenbosch) for two subsequent years. Fellow of ECTIL (European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law), Vienna.

Member of the scientific advisory board of ClimLaw Graz (Austria). Author and (co-)editor of 32 books and hundreds of articles and case notes on tort law, insurance law and private law; since 2000 predominantly on climate change; latest book Climate Litigation in a Changing World

 Jaap   Spier
Senior Associate of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership