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Sources of funding

Generally, funding for part-time study is limited, since the format is considered to be geared towards employee-supported and/or self-funded students. Nevertheless, there are some limited funding options available, which are outlined below.

Royal Warrant Holders Association (RWHA) Scholarship

Due to the generosity of the Royal Warrant Holders Association (RWHA), a scholarship(s) is available for deserving British and/or Commonwealth nationals to attend the Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership. Sustainability is a key pillar for every Royal Warrant holding company and the scholarships are intended to support ‘game changing’ leaders of tomorrow who will drive more sustainable corporate behaviour where they work and beyond.

The value of scholarships awarded will be between 25–100% of the Combined Graduate Fee. Funding is currently available for the equivalent of one fully-funded place, hence 1 to 4 scholarships may be awarded. 100% scholarships are seldom awarded, hence applicants should anticipate the need to cover: 25–75% of the fee from other sources, subsistence and travel costs associated with attending the residential weeks, and any others costs that may be incurred to fulfil the course requirements, eg undertaking research.

Read about the first two RWHA Sustainability Leadership Scholars, Ruth Blackshaw and Stephanie Hyde.

To be considered for this scholarship, candidates must have applied to the Master’s through the standard admissions process AND a separate scholarship application letter by 31 January 2020. (Please note that this closing date is earlier than for applicants who do not wish to be considered for this scholarship.)

Further information regarding the eligibility criteria and applications process can be found here. The closing date for applications is 31st January 2020

UK Government Postgraduate Loans (for Master's courses)

For EU and UK students who are English domiciled and commencing a Master's course, applications are now open for loans of up to £10,000. The loans will be administered by the Student Loans Company. Further information can be found here.

Mentis Cleantech Futures Bursary

Due to the generosity of one of our Alumni, applicants may apply for the Mentis Cleantech Futures Bursary. A modest bursary will be awarded annually to assist the beneficiary in covering the cost of travel to the workshops and other incidentals. To be eligible for the bursary, as well as meeting all of the course entry requirements, applicants must be:

  • working in the 'clean' sector, tackling social and/or environmental challenges;
  • employed in or running a clean technology venture or social enterprise in the start-up or early growth stages; and/or
  • self-funded or self-employed

To apply for the bursary, applicants should  specifying why they require the bursary, how they meet the criteria and how the additional funding would be of assistance. Bursary applications will be reviewed once applications have closed, based on the supporting letter and the applicant’s CV and research proposal as provided in the original Master’s application.

Please note that recipients of the bursary will be featured on the CISL website and Mentis Solutions social media.

Read about Marcela PonceGozde Taskin and Renata Puchala who have all received the Mentis Cleantech Futures Bursary.

Other sources

The University's Institute of Continuing Education lists a number of possible sources of funding for part-time study. We have also have compiled a list of resources which might be helpful in identifying potential sources of funding.

There is a website that provides access to general information on University-administered and external sources of funding and loans for graduate students, and includes a searchable database. Much of this is geared towards full-time study and Master of Studies (part-time) students are not eligible to apply to the Cambridge Trusts, for example. Nevertheless, it may be worth checking if anything suitable is available, since the database is updated frequently.