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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

It is our ambition to attract students who have the greatest potential for positive impact in the world, whatever their background, and for whom participation in one of our postgraduate programmes will be valuable in accelerating that impact. We recognise that funding can be a barrier to participation for many strong applicants and we welcome the support of individuals and organisations who enable us to provide bursary schemes. 

Applications for 2024 funding options are closed.

The bursaries listed below offer full or partial support for programme fees. Consideration is given to social, economic or educational disadvantage experienced by applicants, enabling applicant from disadvantaged backgrounds to access the opportunity to study with us. We recognise the importance of diversity of perspective and experience within our cohorts and how that diversity can translate into positive impact.

All bursary applications are considered separately from programme admissions applications. Applicants who apply for a bursary will not be in any way disadvantaged within the programme application process and no information shared in a bursary application will be considered as part of the process to determine whether an offer of admission will be made. The outcome of the programme application is likely to be ahead of the results of the bursary application(s). To be eligible to be confirmed for this bursary, candidates will need to have been accepted to the Master’s through the standard admissions process, administered by the Institute of Continuing Education, and have submitted a separate bursary application to CISL by the specified deadlines.

Application process

Applications for all bursaries must be made online by 31 January 2024 for the Masters programmes starting in September 2024. Please see below for details of the bursaries available.


CISL Sustainability Leadership Access Bursary

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) aims to empower individuals and organisations to take leadership to tackle critical global challenges.  We are committed to improving access, and enhancing diversity and inclusivity. By providing a partial bursary to an MSt in Sustainability Leadership student(s), we hope to provide the support required, which may otherwise prevent a student from taking such an opportunity to develop real leadership confidence and skills in responding effectively to the economic, social and environmental challenges facing the world, and lead others to achieve positive change.
This bursary is available to applicants to both the continuous route, and stage 3 of the flexible route.

For more information about the eligibility criteria and application process, click here

CISL is grateful to all those who have generously contributed to access bursaries over recent years. The fund remains open for donations in order to offer similar funding for future applicants. To make a donation, please visit this page.


Chanel Sustainability Leadership Bursary

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) is offering a bursary, supported by Chanel, for entry to the Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership continuous route.

Chanel and CISL are committed to promoting equality of access, diversity and inclusivity. This bursary aims to offer opportunities for people who have faced challenges in achieving their full potential through personal, physical or socio-economic circumstances and who would be unable to pursue the Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership without financial support. 

“A sustainability mindset is fast becoming an essential attribute for any executive today. We are delighted to support eligible students who otherwise wouldn’t have had an opportunity to access the Master’s programme. We believe in the value that diverse life experiences and perspectives can bring to business, governments and civil society as we urgently seek the solutions for a more sustainable and equitable future.”
Kate Wylie, Chief Sustainability Officer at Chanel

This bursary forms part of a multi-year strategic partnership between Chanel and CISL focused on education, leadership and innovative operational projects. The bursary will cover the full Combined Graduate Fee however we recognise that travel costs may be a barrier for international students. If this would present a barrier to attendance, additional support may also be available for travel costs. 

For more information about the eligibility criteria and application process, click here.


Delphis Eco Sustainability Leadership Bursary

This award has been made available through the generosity of Delphis Eco. They and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) share a key aim to empower individuals and organisations to take leadership to tackle critical global challenges.

For more information about the eligibility criteria and application process, click here


UK Government Postgraduate Loans 

UK Masters students or EU Masters students who have settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme and are domiciled in England  can apply for a Postgraduate Masters Loan. These loans are applicable to candidates for the continuous route only. Loans will be administered by the Student Loans Company. Further information can be found here.

Other sources

The University's Institute of Continuing Education lists a number of possible sources of funding for part-time study. We have also have compiled a list of resources which might be helpful in identifying potential sources of funding.

There is a website that provides access to general information on University-administered and external sources of funding and loans for postgraduate students, and includes a searchable database. Much of this is geared towards full-time study and Master of Studies (part-time) students are not eligible to apply to the Cambridge Trusts, for example. Nevertheless, it may be worth checking if anything suitable is available, since the database is updated frequently. 


Meet the Directors Webinars

Join a live webinar session hosted by the Directors of our part-time postgraduate courses as they give you an overview of our programmes and admissions process and answer your questions.


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