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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

With time running out to bend the curve on the climate and nature crisis, rising geopolitical tensions, conflict and AI dominating political agendas, the University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL) brought together influential thinkers, experts and leaders for a 2 day summit to address the unprecedented challenges that currently face global leadership. 

At the inaugural Global Leadership Summit in Cambridge on 27 and 28 February, which took place at CISL’s HQ the Entopia Building and Jesus College, representatives from a range of sectors including business, media, innovation debated tough questions such as: what do changing geopolitics mean for our ability to achieve sustainability goals? What does innovation and technological development mean for international relations? And what leadership is needed now, and from whom?

You can find out more about the Summit in the news item below, and hear from Lindsay Hooper, Executive Director and CEO of CISL, as she reflects on the unprecedented challenges currently facing global leadership today and what this means for our ability to achieve the sustainability goals.

Insights from the global summit will generate actionable ideas and priorities, and CISL will be producing a report in the upcoming months, synthesising insights from the event to inform the leadership agenda over the coming critical year.

Should you wish to receive the outcomes report from the Global Leadership in the Age of Turbulence Summit, please add your details here. The report will be sent to you via email when it becomes available.


CISL addresses the tough questions for global

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Why good leadership is needed in an age of

Hear from Lindsay


Over the past 30 years, CISL has been committed to galvanising action globally and, in that time, we have developed regional hubs around the world. These hubs are designed to support expertise, insights and thinking, and provide a platform for regional action to inform our global thinking. Find out where you can find our offices


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Over more than three decades, CISL has developed a deep understanding of the changing global context and access to a wealth of world-leading research into sustainable business. Our programmes draw upon leading academics, practitioners and innovators to help inform business strategy and inspire action.


Online learning 

Available as self-paced short courses, 8-week tutor-led courses and bespoke programmes, our online courses provide learners with expert insight, high levels of interactivity and a supported learning experience to achieve measurable outcomes.

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Global BSP Programme

Delivered in four countries annually, CISL’s flagship Business & Sustainability Programme equips senior leaders with the knowledge, commitment and inspiration to turn sustainability trends into strategic business decisions.

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Delivered in-person, online and through blended learning, our customised programmes equip organisations to translate complex sustainability trends into strategic business decisions, enabling them to lead with purpose and create new forms of value.

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From our home in Cambridge, we work with impact-led startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses accelerating solutions to global sustainability challenges.


The Canopy is a community of impact-led startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses accelerating solutions to global sustainability challenges.

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Sino-UK Centre

We wish to forge new collaborations between Western and Chinese innovators that drive systemic change and address global challenges.

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A series of online and face to face programmes, events, webinars and hackathons, designed to provide startups with the knowledge and skills to advance sustainability.

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Centre for Sustainable Finance

Blog: transformative leadership for a sustainable, equitable world

Leadership Lab: Leadership Capabilities for the 21st Century

Two day residential programme exploring leadership within and beyond your organisation to develop the mindsets and practices for a sustainable future. 

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