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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Mashudu Ramano is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Mitochondria Energy Company. Mashudu is an entrepreneur in transition to sustainable entrepreneurship, an aspirant futurist and an adherent, advocate, agent, promoter and student of sustainability, symbiotic existence and transdisciplinary studies and director of companies with extensive experience in listed and unlisted companies in South Africa.


He founded several companies among them,  biomimicry inspired Mitochondria Energy Company. Previously Mashudu served on the boards of several companies including being Chairman of Airports Company South Africa, listed Johnnic Communications and African Harvest, Trade & Investment Limpopo, Platinum Trust of South Africa, Domba Trust and non-executive director of Transnet, Johnnic Industrial Holdings, Coronation Holdings and Delta Electrical Industries. Currently he serves on the boards of Chevron South Africa, Avon and Dedisa Peaking Power Companies.

Mashudu’s vision is to co-inspire, co-facilitate and co-create the ubiquitous emergence and universal acceptance of the ethic and paradigm of sustainability and symbiotic existence as the myth and de facto standard of how people live and conduct business.  In this context Mashudu has studied Sustainability at Cambridge University, Schumacher College and an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility at Ashridge Business School. He also completed certificate studies in Big History - a transdisciplinary history of the universe from the Big-Bang to Modern Times and Becoming Human-Anthropology with Macquarie University. Over the past several years, Mashudu’s inquiry has been on “becoming a sustainable and symbiotic self in his personal and organizational practice.” 

 Mashudu  Ramano
Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Mitochondria Energy Company.