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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Dr Nicky Dee is a Research Associate, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge.


She views innovators and entrepreneurs as a creative force that introduces variety to the economy. From funding mechanisms for new ventures, opportunity screening for eco-innovation, structuring low carbon innovation prizes, and direct input to new ventures, Nicky has focused on the support of new ventures in developed and lesser developed countries. This has included work with Climate KIC, governmental departments, Carbon Trust, Enecsys, European Commission, the University of Cambridge and Colleges, NESTA and others. Not content to just talk about sustainability, Nicky spearheaded the first regular workshops for cleantech entrepreneurs in the East of England, the first business creation competition for sustainable ventures at the University of Cambridge, and founded an award winning sustainable travel business.

Nicky has a PhD in environmental technology management from the University of Cambridge and teaches on this and related topics. Nicky’s recent research has examined sustainability from an industrial emergence perspective, with an emphasis on the role of finance. She is currently involved with a pioneering business plan competition in Nigeria that attracted 65,000 entries this year. 

Dr Nicola J Dee
Research Associate, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge.