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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Graduate studies simulation 1

Students are required to complete five assessed assignments for the Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Business, three in Stage 1 and two in Stage 2. These are designed to ensure integration of the student’s learning with their workplace context and the development of academic writing and critical thinking skills. Supervisors are allocated to support the assignments, with virtual supervisor inputs at intervals relevant to the assignments.


PG Dip Stage 1 assignments

Information on the three pieces of assessed work for the PG Dip Stage 1, which includes both individual and group assignments, is detailed in the Assignments section of the Postgraduate Certificate pages.


PG Dip Stage 2 assignments

Analytical case study (4,000 words) and oral presentation

The analytical case study explores in depth a phenomenon that has happened (or is happening) ‘in situ’ to establish what can be learnt of relevance to sustainability. This may be within a student's own organisation or another.

Students are also required to deliver a virtual oral presentation on their analytical case study. This is aimed at encouraging co-learning and developing students communication and presentation skills by presenting their key findings in an engaging and accessible way.

Literature review essay (3,000 words)

The Literature review essay is an opportunity for students to deepen their critical analysis skills through the careful examination and re-ordering of existing academic literature, to identify and explore a knowledge gap or area of contention within the existing literature. Topics selected must be of relevance to sustainable business and/or sustainable business leadership. Students may use this assignment to further their understanding of an area or issue they are already involved in, or to explore an area of particular interest where they may have no relevant experience.

The Literature review essay is a stand-alone assignment but it is also expected to be used as the basis for the Stage 3 Research Essay assignment for students who apply to, and are accepted onto, the MSt Stage 3 flexible route programme.