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Andrew Voysey Senior Associate

Andrew Voysey, Senior Associate

Andrew Voysey is Head of Business and Government Solutions at Soil Capital, a farm management firm committed to scaling regenerative agriculture through market solutions.


Andrew works with food and agriculture businesses, financial institutions and governments to help them enjoy the business benefits of transitioning to regenerative agriculture at scale across the value chain. Regenerative agriculture prioritises soil health, captures more carbon than it emits, produces nutrient-dense food and is more resilient to extremes of weather – all driven by the natural productivity of farm ecosystems rather than costly inputs. It is also more profitable.

Previously, Andrew led the growth of CISL’s work with investors, banks, insurers and their regulators for the decade since the global financial crisis. He was responsible for CISL’s long-term collaborations with over 50 financial institutions, across five continents, that evolve business practices so that finance supports a more equitable and environmentally sustainable economy. He also led CISL’s advisory work with financial policymakers and regulators and oversees its research activities, designed to produce cutting-edge insights that are actionable by leaders in government, business and finance.

Andrew is member of the Strategic Advisory Board for the Sustainable Soils Alliance, is a Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society and was an Academic Visitor at the Bank of England from 2015-2018.

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