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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Andrew is Chief Impact Officer at Soil Capital, the agronomy firm that launched a regenerative agriculture transition programme certifying its climate impact in 2020. It is the longest running such programme in Europe. Andrew led the development of this programme, called Soil Capital Carbon, which has now seen more than 1,000 British, French and Belgian farmers enrol, achieved close to 200,000 tonnes of verified reductions and removals and enabled the disbursement of some EUR 4 million to farmers in performance-based payments. The programme is designed to enable food and beverage firms to deliver proven Scope 3 reductions.


He is on the Supervisory Board of the Cool Farm Alliance and a Strategic Advisor to the Sustainable Soils Alliance in the UK.

Prior to Soil Capital, Andrew spent a decade building the sustainable finance practice at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. During this time, he led several industry collaborations between the finance and food and farming sectors. He was also an advisor on climate change to the Bank of England.

Andrew Voysey
Chief Impact Officer, Soil Capital