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A 15,000-word research dissertation is the main assessed item produced during the second year of the IDBE. While undertaking their research towards the dissertation, our Master’s students receive oversight from an academic supervisor.

Supervisors are selected for their topic-specific and research expertise. A broad spectrum of topics and research methodologies can be accommodated by drawing on academics from across the University and, if necessary, leading external experts. The dissertation is marked by two independent assessors.

Some recent supervisors and student dissertation topics


Dissertation title(s) supervised

Prof Ian Cooper

Micro-housing: small solution/big problem

Green Building Frameworks: A comparative study on their effect on Building Energy Use During Operation in Commercial Buildings

Professor Nathan Crilly

How would the introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles impact on highway infrastructure?

Open building construction - what lessons can be learned from open source software?

Dr Kayla Friedman

Challenges and solutions in Smart Mobility with the Smart City Framework with a stakeholder perspective

Towards better conservation of privately-owned historic buildings in Hong Kong

Adoption of Performance Based Building by US architects

Dr Christina Georgiadou

An investigation of a building design tool to reduce Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect

Dr Theo Hacking

Revisiting Sustainable Development in the Cayman Islands: Is there a common understanding of sustainable development and is there clear commitment and leadership?

Dr Rachael Luck

Examining BIM adoption: what factors support the implementation of virtual design reviews on BIM projects?

Dr Sebastian Macmillan

Effectiveness of the GRIP process on collaboration in Network Rail instrastructure projects

To what extent does the lean collaborative planning process influence the delivery of built environment projects?

Aspects of collaboration in multidisciplinary building design and construction teams

Energy efficiency in the hospitality sector: the impact of data-driven decision making at scale

Dr Allan McRobie

Graphic Kinematics - Exploring conceptual computational design

Dr Jim Platts

Refugee/IDP settlement design and psychosocial wellness: a study from the Great Lakes refugee crisis

Dr Judith Plummer

Critical success factors for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects - Analysis of California, US market

What are the barriers for renewable energy to power telecommunications infrastructure in Africa? Case study: Nigeria

Dr Michael Ramage

Glass-only domes and vaults: combining the traditional tile vaulting technique with contemporary structural glass materials

Dr David Reiner

Socio-economic sustainability for built environment professionals: perceived limits and challenges

Dr William Seabrooke

Architectural redesign of Hong Kong shopping centres and its effect on the performance of Real Estate Investment Trust

Exploring ways of collaboration between housing developers and local communities in England under the Localism Act's (2011) Neighbourhood Planning System

Dr Elanor Warwick

The layered city: an urban planning alternative for Dubai


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