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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)


Our research explores fundamental questions arising from real-world problems faced by practitioners.

The ‘problem-focus’ of our research provides the information and collaborations required to develop high-impact, systemic solutions for business, government and the finance sector.


Our approach 

Research at CISL is ‘challenge-led’, rooted in real-world problems experienced by practitioners in business, government and financial institutions. The co-creation of research with our community and the explicit use of evidence, methods and data allows CISL to understand both the challenges of sustainability and shifting public awareness in order to future-proof businesses and guide practitioners.


The Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme 

The Programme aims to foster new thinking on sustainability, leading to practical insights, tools and recommendations for decision-makers to carry into their organisations alongside important advances in fundamental knowledge. 

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Publications and resources

Our research, undertaken by leading academics, is channelled into practical business and policy solutions. At present, we publish and contribute to a combination of academic working papers, journal publications, practitioner-based reports and short articles.

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Information for funders

Many business leaders are seeking both specific and broad insights into their future pathways to resilience and sustainability. By providing a structured process for harnessing Cambridge expertise in a strategic context, CISL addresses questions in a rigorous and timely fashion to deliver solutions informed by a robust analysis of evidence.

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Ethical Code for Research

CISL is a department in the School of Technology and as such follows the School’s process of ethics and integrity review for research. All processes and policies have been reviewed and approved by the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC). Our Ethical Code for Research and ethic self-assessment checklist  and risk self-assessment checklist are applicable to all CISL-led grant or donation funded research.