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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

13 November 2023 – CISL’s Centre for Sustainable Finance has published a new policy brief that dives deep into how the private sector can scale up finance for both climate and nature.

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The policy brief, developed by CISL’s Centre for Sustainable Finance (CSF), lists immediate asks of the upcoming COP28 and the actions that could lead to reform in the international financial architecture. As discussions at COP28 call for enhanced collaboration, financial reform and actionable climate commitments, the focus needs to be broadened to develop an enabling environment for scaling up private finance for both climate and nature financing at the global and country levels.

Expanding the scope of climate financing to intentionally co-design instruments to achieve nature-positive outcomes is not only an investment worth making for the future of our planet but also offers significant economic and social co-benefits. By mobilising public- and private-sector resources and deploying innovative financial instruments, we can bridge the financing gap for nature and create a sustainable and resilient future for all. Multi-lateral Development Banks, along with other international financial institutions, have a pivotal role to play in leading this transformative effort.

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CISL (2023). Everything, everywhere, all at once: how can private finance be unlocked for nature and climate in the international financial architecture?

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Published: November 2023

Authors and acknowledgements

The authors of this paper were Dr Mohsen Gul & Dr Nina Seega (CISL Centre for Sustainable Finance).

The authors would like to thank the following individuals for their guidance and support: Professor Michael Mainelli (Z/Yen Group), Thomas Tayler (Aviva Investors), Christoph Baumann (Swiss Federal Department of Finance) and Elisa Estrada Holteng and Ayooshee Dookhee (B Team).

We also acknowledge the commitment and meaningful participation of members of CISL leadership groups (Banking Environment Initiative, Investment Leaders Group, ClimateWise, Corporate Leaders Groups (Europe and UK)) in the Pre-COP28 workshop to cross-validate the research findings and recommendations.

We would also like to thank the European Climate Foundation for funding this research and the support Claire Lacoste and the team provided.


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