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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Jeannette has a diverse portfolio career which includes serving as a non-executive director in the private and public sectors, working with clients as a mentor/coach and strategic advisor, and teaching leadership and governance. Jeannette Lichner has been involved with CISL since 2018, as head tutor on the High Impact Leadership course. She has been a Senior Associate since 2022.


Jeannette is involved in sustainability more broadly through her involvement in Chapter Zero, and as a Senior Advisor to The Sustainability Board Report, a business founded by one of her ex-students, Frederick Otto. She was involved in setting the financial services strategy around the full ESG agenda through her non-executive director role at the UK Financial Conduct Authority (2020-2023).

Her current non-executive roles are with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office; Chair of Elucidate GmBh, a data-driven financial crime ratings company; Chair of Square 4, a financial services regulatory consulting firm; and a member of the Global Advisory Board of the McIntire School of Commerce of the University of Virginia, of which she is an alumnus.  She is a Companion Member of the Chartered Management Institute and recently served on the 75th Anniversary Companion Panel which explored diversity and inclusion, culminating in the Everyone Economy paper laid before the House of Lords.

Prior to her portfolio career Jeannette spent 30 plus years in the financial services industry as an executive and then as a consultant. Throughout her career Jeannette has been involved in start-up companies across numerous industries as an investor/advisor.

Jeannette Lichner
Non-executive Director, Sustainability Advocate, Governance and Leadership Advisor, and Executive Coach