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Admission requirements

Applications for 2022 entry are now closed. Details on applications for 2023 entry will be released shortly.

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George Teggin, Jaguar Land Rover, PCSB

Requirements of applicants

  • Possession of an undergraduate degree from a recognised university, or evidence of equivalent work experience/achievement and ability to read for a Master's-level programme
  • An acceptable ability in written and spoken English language (evidence will be required of participants’ proficiency if English is not their first language)
  • A minimum of 3 years’ work experience after graduation
  • An endorsement from their employing institution supporting their application, required time commitment for the programme and ideally support for the assignments being undertaken in the context of a sustainability challenge/opportunity relevant to the organisation, or – if independent – from an acceptable institution familiar with their work
  • Interest in and commitment to sustainability
  • Academic and/or professional excellence
  • Commitment to using learning from the programme to lead or influence change within their business context
  • Access to appropriate computer technology and internet software
  • Ability to pay the course fees or identify a sponsoring institution
  • Ability to attend both workshops


Visa requirements

Students who do not hold a UK or Irish passport will need immigration permission in order to come to the UK and study at Cambridge. Further details can be found on the University of Cambridge International Students website


Application and selection process

The Selection Panel will adjudicate candidates against the above criteria. While academic performance is one of the criteria used to identify the strongest candidates, we will also consider the other listed indicators of ability.

We receive a large volume of applications and review applications on a rolling basis. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Applicants requiring time to obtain organisational approval, funding or visas to study or make other travel or personal arrangements are also encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Applicants should expect to receive an update on the progress of their application within 6 weeks.

Download an overview of the application stages.



The course fee for the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business can be found in the overview table. The fee includes all teaching fees, learning materials and accommodation for the workshops in Cambridge.

Please note:

The above fee does not cover travel to Cambridge for the second workshop.

As this programme does not require college membership, there are no additional college fees.

Fees are the same for both UK and overseas participants.


Group discount (Value chains stream only)

A discounted rate is available for group applications. Companies may choose to make use of the discount, for example to facilitate the participation of an external partner or to reduce the cost of sending a cross-functional team. Please for more information. 


Funding and bursaries

Bursary funding has been made available for deserving candidates who are currently prevented from applying due to financial reasons. These will offer financial support of 10–50 per cent of the programme fee to assist selected applicants. For more details of this bursary and other known funding options, please see the Sources of Funding page.



Programme overview


Meet the Directors

Join a webinar session hosted by the Directors of our part-time graduate courses as they give you an overview of our programmes and admissions process for 2023 applications and can answer your questions.


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