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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

26 January 2024 - CISL has published the second stage of its Equality Action Plan which provides an update of its activities since February 2022 and sets out new strategic approaches to embedding equality, diversity and inclusion across the Institute.

 Download the Equality Action Plan

Download the Equality Action Plan

This updated Equality Action Plan (EAP) outlines how the fundamentals of CISL’s approach will shift slightly to incorporate a wider remit:  

  • The scope of CISL’s activity has increased from focusing only on racial inequality to wider equality and inclusivity across the workplace, and in CISL’s work within the world.  This is important to make CISL a great place to work and to collaborate with, and to ensure its work in sustainability leadership remains cutting edge. 
  • CISL’s EAP is now firmly linked to, and underpinned by, CISL’s new strategy which began to be implemented in early 2023.    
  • The plan is becoming an intrinsic part of CISL’s strategic progression, both in its operational practices and in the delivery of its work around Foresight, Education, Convening and Innovation.  It is becoming fully embedded in everything that CISL is and does, allowing the Institute to drive forward more meaningful conversation, engagement and change.    

This report focuses on what CISL has already done to deliver improved outcomes for its operational activities, projects and the wider impact CISL creates, as well as its strategic pivot in the coming years.  It speaks to the range of activities across all of CISL – Foresight, Education, Convening and Innovation, as well as CISL’s internal operations and all three of its office locations.   Highlights from the past year outlined in this report have shown where CISL can be effective. But also highlight the areas where CISL can and should do more.

CISL remains committed to listening and being open to change in the firm knowledge that, together, we can act and create positive impact.   

Read the first stage of CISL’s Equality Action Plan here

If you would like to find out more about CISL’s Equality Action Plan or the work of the Institute’s Equality Action Plan Delivery Group and Equality Forum contact

Published: January 2024


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