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Eduardo Jorge

Eduardo  Jorge

Eduardo Jorge Martins Alves Sobrinho, Former Environment Secretary for the City of São Paulo. Eduardo is a medical doctor specialising in public health, and a civil servant at the State of São Paulo´s Health Secretariat.


He was a representative in the state legislature of São Paulo from 1983–1986 and a Congressman for São Paulo from 1987–2002. He was twice appointed municipal Secretary of Health in São Paulo (1989–90 and 2001–02). He was also São Paulo´s municipal Secretary of Environment from 2005–12, when he led the preparation and passing of the city´s Climate Change Law, as well as establishing São Paulo´s Climate Change Committee and the implementation of the municipal Climate Action Plan. As a local leader, he participates actively in cities networks, both international and Brazilian, such as ICLEI, C40 and ANAMMA, promoting the climate agenda for local governments.