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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Dr Halid Abu-Bakar, is a circular economy implementation strategist, holds a PhD in data-driven innovation and serves as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Exeter Business School. His research revolves around the adoption and implementation of circular economy strategies, particularly focusing on using data to shape policies and practices.


A key milestone in his career is the development of the Circular Economy Roadmapping framework, which streamlines traditional roadmapping processes into an evidence-led tool highly valued by policymakers and sustainability experts. Dr. Abu-Bakar has also created a global dashboard using data from over 700 roadmaps, analysing circular economy adoption strategies at various levels and pinpointing deficiencies, especially in African regions. Additionally, he has demonstrated his acumen in data visualisation through projects such as CE barriers visualisation and CE medical textiles dashboard.

Besides his research, Dr. Abu-Bakar is also a guest lecturer at prominent universities, including Cranfield, delivering on circular economy and sustainability. He has been instrumental in several circular economy projects, offering expertise to municipalities, governments, and councils, and contributing to the development of circular transport systems in the UK. His work is especially notable for tailoring circular economy strategies to fit the distinct socio-economic contexts of different regions.

Halid Abu-Bakar headshot
Postdoctoral Associate, University of Exeter Business School