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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Nature Based Solutions

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are ways of working with natural systems to both strengthen them while solving broader problems such as climate change but also health, social inclusion, and more. The opportunity that NbS offer to help tackle the climate crises, whilst also addressing the collapse in biodiversity, has gained increasing profile and attention. This is particularly with respect to the role of NbS in reducing emissions associated with land use and to enhancing natural climate sinks but can also include projects designed to deliver increased climate resilience. However, there remains significant confusion as to what exactly ‘counts’ as an NbS, how to deliver them successfully and what their exact potential is to contribute to solving climate change, alongside wider societal goals. This hub aims to help companies navigate NbS; setting out the definition, opportunities and challenges, alongside how we can help companies on this journey.





Delivering Nature Positive: a new corporate tool to support the adoption of nature-based solutions.

Nature-based solutions are useful to deliver multiple wins to business, nature and people. They are currently not widely adopted by companies, indeed working with nature to help meet corporate climate goals or mitigate other risks in the value chain is still largely uncharted territory for most businesses and their senior leadership teams. More corporate projects throughout value chains will be essential to help deliver a net zero, nature-positive world. 

CISL recognises that, for some companies, approving the first nature-based solution project, including investing in regenerative agriculture, will present particular challenges due to the nature of these types of projects, particularly when it comes to quantifying expected benefits. With Support from the We Mean Business Coalition, CISL developed a diagnostic tool launched in March 2022 to help companies unlock investments in NbS within their value chains.

Our webinar hosted by CISL’s Dr Gemma Cranston and Adrian Greet alongside our panel of expert contributors Chris Brown (Group Head, Associated British Foods plc) and Andre Eitner (Senior Manager Regenerative Agriculture, PepsiCo) explored how businesses are progressing with their Nature-positive ambitions, views on overcoming challenges to implementing NbS as well as demonstrating how the diagnostic tool can help you. 

This event is part of CISL’s project to support business to #GetNBSready.

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