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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Pierre is an Independent Consultant for Finance and Sustainability. His main clients are large financial institutions, renowned corporations as well new disruptive entrepreneurship initiatives. Indeed, amongst several mandates, he is a Senior Advisor for BNP Paribas and Blunomy, Project Advisor for Deme Group and Senior Advisor to the CEO of innovative nature-based businesses such TerraGrn and Blue Finance. Pierre is also a Senior Associate for Cambridge University For Sustainability Leadership.


In addition to this consultancy role, Pierre has founded and supervise as Executive Chairman, Nomad Plastic Ltd, a social business providing marine services for sustainable coastal tourism, fighting ocean plastic pollution, building resilient ecosystems for marine biodiversity conservation and development of the local coastal communities in emerging markets. 

Main achievements
Leader in finance and sustainability, with almost 35 years experience in broking and banking, out of which 25 in Asia (Singapore, HK and Tokyo)
Hold senior executive positions in front office, but also in risks and control.
Lead BNP Paribas to be one of the top international players for Global Markets in APAC, mainly in Japan and the newly-opened markets of China, India and South-East Asia.
Forward-thinker and businessman:
- create one of the first electronic broker in Asia (WICarr - Blink) in the late nineties
- pioneer the sustainable finance and actively contribute to lead BNPP in that space.
Very active in volunteering, advising and building impact and purpose driven businesses
Do promote collaborative working.

Pierre Rousseau
Senior Associate of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership