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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Bojun joined CISL in April 2021 as the Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow in Climate Risk in Aviation, supported by Heathrow. His research looks to deepen understanding of the sectoral-level climate-related risks, particularly the intersection of transition and physical sources of risk for the aviation sector. Bojun has an academic background in transport economics, data science, and scenario modelling, and worked on a series of multidisciplinary projects about the aviation, shipping, and emissions trading sectors prior to joining CISL. He has a PhD in Energy and Transport and a MSc in Energy and Environmental Economics, both from UCL. Bojun’s current research interests lie in leveraging sustainable finance to achieve net-zero transition in transportation and other economic sectors.   



  • Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow in Climate Risk in Aviation, University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL), University of Cambridge.
  • Postdoctoral Researcher in Sustainable Aviation, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  • Research Assistant in Energy and Data Science, UCL Energy Institute Shipping Group, UCL
  • Air Transport System Modeller, UCL Air Transportation Systems Laboratory, UCL Energy Institute, UCL
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant in MSc Energy Systems and Data Analytics, UCL
  • Research Assistant, UCL Energy Institute on the ACCLAIM project, working with Prof. Aidan O’Sullivan and Prof. Andreas Schafer, funded by EPSRC
  • Junior Policy Advisor in China Power Market and Emissions Trading System, E3G


  • PhD in Energy and Transport, UCL Energy Institute, UCL
  • MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment, UCL Energy Institute, UCL
  • BSc in Management Information System, University of Tasmania, Australia

Funding and awards

  • PhD funded by the UK Engineering Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) as part of ACCLAIM project, a collaboration involving UCL, Southampton University, and Imperial College
  • Bartlett Doctoral Student Conference Fund, UCL
  • Bartlett External Training Fund, UCL
  • MSc dissertation funded by the UCL Grand Challenge Fund on Sustainability, focusing on the market design and implementation of China’s Emissions Trading Schemes
  • Student representative at the “UN International Youth Summit on Climate Change”


Focusing on the nexus of transition and physical risks of climate change, Bojun’s research aims to improve the aviation industry’s understanding of—and ability to assess—the risks that climate change will bring to airports, airlines, and their stakeholders. As a key part of tackling climate change, climate-related financial disclosure will improve the ability for finance to act as a lever of change for a decarbonised economy. As the Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow in Climate Risk in Aviation, Bojun is developing aviation sector-specific climate scenarios that integrate transition and physical risks to help the airport and airline industry make better informed and more effective financial decisions in their transition to net zero.


Key publications: 

Peer reviewed journals

  • Bojun Wang, Aidan O’Sullivan, Andreas Schäfer, 2019. “Assessing the Impact of High-speed Rail on Domestic Aviation CO2 Emissions in China”, Transportation Research Record, Vol. 2673, Issue: 3, pp. 176-188.
  • Lynnette Dray, Khan Doyme, Bojun Wang, Aidan O’Sullivan, and Andreas Schäfer, 2019. “AIM2015: Validation and Initial Results from An Open-Source Aviation Systems Model”, Transport Policy, Vol 79, pp.93-102.
  • Bojun Wang, Aidan O’Sullivan, Lynnette Dray, Andreas Schäfer, 2018. “Modelling Airline Cost Pass-through within Regional Aviation Markets”, Transportation Research Record, 2018, Vol. 2672, Issue: 23, pp. 146-157.
  • Bojun Wang, Aidan O’Sullivan, Andreas Schäfer, 2017. “Modelling the Pass-Through of Airline Operating Costs on Average Fares in the Global Aviation Market”, the 21st World Air Transport Research Society Conference, Antwerp, Belgium, Jun 2017, conference paper.


  • Bojun Wang, Aidan O’Sullivan, Andreas Schäfer. “Assessing the Impact of High-speed Rail on Domestic Aviation CO2 Emissions in China”, Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington DC, U.S., 2019.
  • Bojun Wang, “China’s Emissions Trading Market: Market Design, Compliance, and Verification”, the Stewardship for Planet Earth Conference, London, 2014.
Bojun Wang
Prince of Wales Fellow in Climate Risk in Aviation supported by Heathrow

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