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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Driving impact for a sustainable economy

As the 21st century advances, we urgently need bold and imaginative transformation. To enable all people to lead healthy, flourishing lives within planetary boundaries. To be fully human in the era of digital and technological revolution. To empower citizens and communities to choose how they live and work.   

In this hub you will find out about the impact of our work with economic actors across society to forge bolder and more diverse leadership and build movements. Movements that connect disruptors and incumbents. Movements that align the levers of business, finance, policy and technology for faster, scalable results.  

“CISL is demonstrating that academia and the corporate sector can work together to drive transformative change.” 

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General, United Nations.

“CISL draws on outstanding research, creates partnerships, drives innovation and harnesses the University’s global influence and convening power. And by working with business, government and with the finance sector, it's helping to accelerate sustainability transformation in business, while also building Cambridge University's reputation and impact in the space.” 

Anthony Freeling, Acting Vice Chancellor, University of Cambridge.    


CISL’s Annual Review 2021-22

Driving impact for a sustainable economy

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CISL’s first annual review takes a holistic approach in reviewing the impact of CISL’s work over the past year through its education programmes, research, policy engagement and outreach with startups & SMEs. It shows the progress made through our engagement with leaders and organisations across business, government and finance in helping to achieve net zero, protect and restore nature, and build inclusive and resilient societies. 





Impact areas – Making change happen

CISL’s priority impact areas for systemic transformation connect our strategic expertise and global networks across sustainable finance, policy and industrial transformation, education, research and innovation. Together, they pave the way for bold action and regenerative leadership for people, nature and climate. 

Building shared visions for inclusive and resilient places; enabling informed
decisions on the future of real assets;
driving transition to sustainable industrial systems and value chains.

Influencing and engaging with values and culture as an essential part of systems change; innovating and collaborating to
make everyday choices sustainable;
enabling inclusive decision-making
processes and driving accountability.

Reimagining the purpose and role of economies and rethinking the ideas that underpin them; transforming economic, policy, financial and commercial decision-making, co-creating solutions and catalysing innovation.




A community of action: Celebrating the impact stories of our global CISL Network

These stories showcase the global nature and diversity of our network, platforms, and programmes – featuring interviews with individuals from over 14 countries in a range of industries from finance, food, farming and fashion to chemicals, consultancy and the built environment. Read more from CISL Fellow, Zoe Arden, who spoke to  our alumni about the impact they are driving through their experiences with CISL.


Frankie Fox, CEO and co-founder,Food Squared (UK)

Esohe Denise Odaro, Head of ESG & Sustainability, PAI Partners (France)


Jennifer Breault, Senior Architect, SSOE (USA) 

Micaela Rizo Patron, General Manager, Perú Sostenible (Peru) 


Karen Pflug, Chief Sustainability Officer, Ingka Group (Sweden) 

Samar Ibrahim, Associate Director, EY-Parthenon (UAE) 


Paloma Lopez, CEO & Co-founder,  Future Fit Foods (USA) 

Laura O’Donohue, Founder Snow Hill Organic Farm (USA) 


Paula Quazi, Co-founder, Smol (UK) 

Gabriel, Okello, Global Sustainability Fellow, CISL (Uganda) 


Sabinna Rachimova, Founder, Sabinna Studios (UK) 

Muthoni Kanyana, Sustainability Consultant, MK-Africa (Kenya) 


Phil Ruxton, Chief Sustainability Officer, Croda International (UK) 

Jennifer Gardner, Founder, iFarmaissance Brands (Hong Kong) 

Leo Rayman, Founder and CEO, EdenLab (UK) 

Joyanne Manning, Principal of Global Resources Business, Arup (Australasia) 


Manuela Fumarola,  Head of ESG – Private Equity, abrdn (UK)

Joanna Fowler, Global IT Sustainability Manager, Nestlé (Switzerland) 


Get Involved 

We look forward to engaging and empowering new voices and building movements for impact in the years ahead. Movements that connect disruptors and incumbents. Movements that align the levers of business, finance, policy and technology for faster, scalable results. 

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