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Dr Elia Apostolopoulou, Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow
  • Dr Apostolopoulou is the Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow in Infrastructure and Sustainable Communities, supported by The Equal Opportunities Foundation.
  • Elia Apostolopoulou conducts research on China’s Belt and Road Initiative. She has a PhD in political ecology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has held post-doctoral and lectureship positions in the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, and she has been an academic visitor in the Finnish Environment Institute, and the Center for Place, Culture and Politics in City University of New York. She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers in high quality journals and her work is widely read within and beyond the academia and has informed national and local policy.
+44 (0) 12237 674001
Lucy Auden , Senior Programme Manager
  • Lucy Auden joined the Centre for Sustainable Finance in April 2020 as Senior Programme Manager for the Investment Leadership Group (ILG). Prior to joining CISL, Lucy was Head of ESG for real estate fund manager, Savills Investment Management, where she spent 8 years building the company's responsible investment and CSR approach.
Rachel Austin, Project Manager
  • Rachel joined CISL’s Sustainable Finance Team in October 2017 primarily to support the ClimateWise platform.
Dr Anna Barford, Prince of Wales Fellow in Pathways to a Circular Economy, supported by Unilever
  • Anna is a social and economic Geographer. She is currently researching how work and livelihoods intersect with environmental problems and solutions. Her main focus is on informal work in circular systems in lower- and middle-income countries. She also studies how the crises of climate change and COVID-19 intersect with young people’s livelihoods in Uganda, Nepal and Indonesia.
+44 (0) 12237 67353
Colette Bassford, Project Manger
  • Colette joined the Centre for Sustainable Finance in February 2018 where she works as a Project Manager responsible for the operational side of the Centre.
Jane Batten, Business Operations Manager
  • Jane is responsible for the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)’s finance, contracts and due diligence teams, overall financial planning and management.
Paul Begley, Director, Customised Programmes
  • Paul is the Director of Customised Programmes. Over the past eight years, he has designed courses to help organisations anticipate and respond to the changing context in ways which support resilience, innovation and productivity.
Lucy Bruzzone, Programme Director
  • Lucy leads CISL’s executive education engagement with China and in particular is responsible for the delivery of key cities-focused programmes for Chinese government officials including the Beijing Municipal and Guangdong Provincial Governments. Since 2018 Lucy has been the Chair of the Business & Sustainability Programme in Chile and Australia. She also coordinates CISL’s wider engagement with cities and the built environment and delivers sustainability programmes for the real estate sector.
Elodie Cameron , Programme Manager
  • Elodie Cameron started the role of Programme Manager in the Education Team in April 2020. Elodie joins CISL from the Cambridge Judge Business School, Executive Education where she was Marketing and Business Development Manager. There she developed experience in supporting the development, marketing and delivery of the open enrolment Executive Education Programmes.
Chris Carroll , Programme Manager
  • Chris joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) in February 2020 to work as Programme Manager in the EU office focusing on heavy industry.
Dr Bronwyn Claire, Senior Programme Manager
  • Dr Bronwyn Claire is Senior Programme Manager for ClimateWise at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. She joins CISL from KPMG, where she spent 7 years working with insurance companies and banks in Australia and Hong Kong to improve risk management and internal controls.
Jemma Cobbold, Learning Design Manager
  • Jemma Cobbold joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) in 2000 having worked previously in the retail and software industries.
James Cole, Director of Corporate Relations and Communications
  • James leads the corporate relations, communications and marketing functions at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.
Eloise Connolly, Senior Project Co-ordinator
  • Eloise Connolly joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) in December 2017 as Project Co-ordinator.
Beverley Cornaby, Senior Programme Manager
  • Beverley manages The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group in the UK and leads a programme of work looking at the issues of packaging sustainability, resource efficiency and industrial transformation. She recently led a collaborative initiative that resulted in a roadmap and vision towards eliminating plastic packaging waste from the soft drinks supply chain and has published a case study of the approach Sky took to eliminating single-use plastic from their business.
Dr Leila Coupe, Senior Project Manager
  • Leila manages a wide portfolio of events and projects for the Executive Programmes team, specifically now working on customised programmes with clients from across the globe, including many of the FTSE 100 companies, and for organisations such as the World Bank.
Dr Gemma Cranston, Director, Business and Nature Team
  • Gemma is the Director of the Business and Nature team, collaborating with companies to identify strategic approaches to address their dependencies and impacts on nature. She is leading a team who are looking to amplify business support for ambitious global action on reversing nature loss, articulate a view on what business leadership looks like in the face of the ecological crisis and identify sustainable and scalable solutions.
Isabelle Cross, Team Administrator
  • Isabelle joined CISL in December 2019. As Team Administrator, her role includes scheduling meetings, providing support for events and webinars, and assisting with publications.
Katie Cross, Project Co-ordinator
  • Katie is a Project Co-ordinator in the Graduate Programmes team assisting in delivering the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)’s accredited programmes.
Aurore Cupers, Project Co-ordinator
  • Aurore joined CISL in May 2017 and is based in Brussels. As project-coordinator, she supports the Centre for Policy and Industrial Transformation, providing coordination and project management for the CLG Europe secretariat. Her main focus is event support and Brussels engagement.
Mihaela Danyek, HR Business Partner
  • Mihaela is the HR Business Partner in CISL, taking up overall leadership of the HR team and working to ensure the People Strategy across CISL is successfully designed and implemented.
Louise de Muscote, Programme Manager
  • Louise is the course director for the Certificate in Sustainable Business: Organisational Stream and the deputy course director for the Master’s in Sustainability Leadership. Within Graduate Programmes, Louise has also served as course director for the Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Business and held responsibility for the series of Sustainability Leadership Laboratories.
Elspeth Donovan, Deputy Director, South Africa Office
  • Elspeth is the Deputy Director of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, South Africa Office. Elspeth’s interest in Sustainability, Well Being & Human Development comes from her science background when she studied Zoology, Biochemistry and Dietetics and much later on in life an MBA.
Jasminka Enderle, Project Manager
  • Jasminka Enderle joined CISL in 2018 as Project Manager in the Centre for Sustainable Finance. She has led on several projects; the ILG report, “In search of impact – Measuring the full value of capital” which aimed to create transparency of investments impact to enable consumer choice in financial decision-making process and the “Bank 2030” project, which helped banks understand how to accelerate the financing of the low carbon economy, published in January 2020.
Agata Fehrmann, Finance and Office Co-ordinator
  • Agata joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in June 2017.
Catherine Foot, Communications and Marketing Executive
  • Before joining CISL in May 2018 Catherine worked at an independent documentary distributor, acquiring and marketing feature-length factual content.
Dr Kayla Friedman, Programme Director
  • Kayla is Course Director for the University of Cambridge’s Master’s and Postgraduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE) and Senior Programme Manager at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).
Emma Fromberg, Programme Manager, Graduate Programmes
  • Emma is part of the Graduate Programmes team, primarily working on the Postgraduate Certificates and Diploma in Sustainable Business.
Emma Garnett , Prince of Wales Junior Research Fellow
  • Emma joined CISL in September 2020 as a Research Associate to work on sustainability in supermarket supply chains. For her PhD she tested which interventions were most effective to reduce meat consumption and increase vegetarian sales in university cafeterias. She has previously worked with several different academic institutions, NGOs and businesses including the University of Kiel (Germany), Microsoft Research (UK) and Zoological Society London (UK). More generally, Emma is interested in understanding how to equitably overcome economic, political and social barriers to conserving biodiversity and reaching absolute zero greenhouse gas emissions.
Eithne George, Programme Director
  • Eithne joined CISL in 2019 and is responsible for the strategic development and delivery of the Accelerator for entrepreneurs and SMEs
Lorna Golds, Contracts Advisor
  • Lorna works in supporting the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)’s contract management discussions in accordance with CISL and the University of Cambridge’s policies and requirements.
Dr Theo Hacking, Director of Graduate Programmes & Research Strategy
  • Dr Theo Hacking is the Director of the Graduate Programmes & Research Strategy at CISL. He is particularly interested in how sustainability can be incorporated into design and decision-making, including the process and tools that can be used to support this.
Georgina Harding , Marketing Manager
  • Prior to joining CISL in March 2019, Georgina worked in the cybersecurity industry to deliver governance, risk and compliance solutions and value focused marketing campaigns to healthcare partners.
Katherine Hirst, Senior Project Manager
  • Katherine joined CISL in 2019 predominantly focused on delivering the Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards. In addition Katherine works across the broader Advisory and Executive Education portfolios to deliver programmes to high-profile clients across a range of sectors.
Eleanor Holloway, Executive Assistant to CISL Director and CEO, Clare Shine
  • Eleanor joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) in February 2019 as an experienced Executive Assistant, previously having worked within the publishing industry. Eleanor graduated from the University of York with a degree in English Literature with Latin.
Lindsay Hooper, Executive Director
  • Lindsay leads the Institute’s Education team which support major organisations and individual leaders internationally to build the capability to create the future we want, aligning commercial performance with the delivery of positive outcomes for society. This spans strategic engagements with major companies to integrate sustainability into business strategy and operations, customised education programmes to build leadership capability, international executive and practitioner seminars, and growing portfolios of graduate and online programmes to challenge, inform and support individuals to lead change.
  • Lindsay speaks on global trends and the commercial implications for business, the relationship between business and society, and the leadership we need for the future we want. She has authored a number of CISL reports including ‘Rewiring Leadership’ and ‘Business, Justice and the New Global Economy’. Lindsay is a member of the Institute’s Executive Board and, alongside Earth on Board, leads CISL’s work to inform and engage Board Directors.
Dr Gianna Huhn, Senior Project manager, Research
  • Gianna joined CISL in 2018 and works closely with Dr Jake Reynolds to facilitate and coordinate research activities across CISL. She also produces monthly horizon-scanning reports that summarise the latest trends, innovations and developments within the field of sustainability.
Viola Jardon, Programme Manager, Sustainability Hub and Accelerator team
  • Viola joined CISL in 2019 as Programme Manager for CISL’s Accelerator, specialising in small business innovation and international networks. As a core member of the Accelerator team, Viola provides business support to small businesses and entrepreneurs to unleash innovation, and maximise sustainable impact.
Ben Kellard, Director of Business Strategy
  • Ben leads CISL’s business strategy advisory work. He has a passion for shaping organisational purpose and strategies that unlock people’s desire to improve their own and others wellbeing, while sustaining the environmental systems the organisation relies upon. Doing so prepares organisations for the future.
  • He does this by helping organisations such as O2 and Unilever to develop and implement holistic leading strategies. Ben draws on over twenty years of experience as an organisational consultant, to involve a range of stakeholders to develop shared responses to complex and ambiguous sustainability challenges.
  • He also acts as a critical friend by drawing on evidence and examples of leadership to challenge companies such as the Co-Operative Group, Unilever and Ecover to develop bold ambitions. He recently convened a round table of purpose and sustainability experts to explore how the concepts can work together, resulting in a joint statement.
Dr Dina Khalifa , Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow
  • Dina is an experienced academic in the areas of luxury branding and marketing with more than 10 years of teaching experience in both the UK and Egypt. She has a PhD in luxury brand marketing with a focus on consumption consumer responses to identity threats and social exclusion She has supervised master and PhD dissertations on various topics such as status, envy and inequalities, the meaning and significance of the Hijab identity in the age of Islamophobia and the impact of influencer marketing on luxury consumption and consumer well-being.
Bethany Knights-Prince, Senior Project Manager
  • Bethany is the Course Administrator for the Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership at CISL.
Caroline Lee, Prince of Wales Fellow in Retail Organisations Engagement Activities and Community Wellbeing, supported by ASDA
  • Caroline is a Senior Research Associate with over 20 years’ experience in project and programme evaluation and research across a variety of policy areas, including public health, mental health, employment, education, and childcare. With experience across the range of research methodologies, she favours qualitative approaches, and is interested in participatory methods.
  • She has recently been conducting a review of community-based initiatives in support of mental health of older adults at times of psychosocial stress; and contributing to a participatory review of community involvement in place-based decision-making. Caroline is also co-leading a realist informed case study in this region for a national project on approaches by local authorities to improving public health and reducing inequalities in the context of austerity.
  • Other recent projects include: developing age-friendly rural communities: the contribution of local participatory planning processes; reviewing the potential of time credit systems for improving public health; supporting local commissioners in developing evaluation frameworks for a healthy communities fund; increasing attention to ethnicity and migration within public health; engaging communities in thinking about dementia risk; investigating peer support approaches to social care for older prisoners; and evaluating a creative participatory approach to research with young people attending Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.
+44 (0) 1223 731028
Meng-Lian (Lily) Li, Project Manager
  • Meng-Lian joined the Centre for Sustainable Finance in January 2020 as Project Manager for ClimateWise. She is primary in charge of the Transition Risk Framework.
Serena Liuni, Project Manager
  • Serena project manages delivery for The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group in the UK office. Prior to joining CISL, Serena gained broad international experience both in the public and private sector working as a project officer for interdisciplinary European projects within multicultural teams, focusing on the implementation of EU regional policies, Structural Funds management, institutional and capacity building, local, rural and sustainable development.
Zoë Loughlin, Marketing and Communications Project Manager
  • Zoë joined CISL in 2016 as part of the communications team, working across programme marketing, external communications, publications and Network development. She is currently leading on marketing for CISL’s Accelerator programme.
Anna Lowe, Project Co-ordinator
  • Anna joined CISL in March 2019 as a Project Co-ordinator in the Sustainable Finance team.
Dr Sanna Markkanen, Research Associate
  • Sanna Markkanen is a Research Associate in the UK office working on climate policy and financing sustainable infrastructure. Sanna co-authored a recently published paper: “Social impacts of climate change mitigation policies and their implications for inequality”.
Thom Marx, Project Co-ordinator
  • Thom joined CISL's Sustainable Finance Team in November 2019, primarily to support the ClimateWise platform.
Amelia Moulis, Senior Programme Manager
  • In CISL’s Executive Education team, Amelia designs and delivers international sustainability education programmes for a diverse range of audiences. Recently, this has spanned from major international banks to the Chinese government, multinational consumer goods companies and private wealth offices.
Ellen Mumford, Senior Project Manager
  • Ellen has a cross cutting role in the Graduate Programmes Team which includes marketing, Network engagement and working with the University to oversee the approval of new graduate programmes.
Emily Murphy , PA to the Executive Directors
  • Emily joined CISL in September 2018 as PA to the Executive Directors.
Sarah Nolan, Project Co-ordinator
  • As Communications Project Co-ordinator Sarah supports the Corporate Relations and Communications team, ensuring the work to support the rest of the organisation runs smoothly. Sarah's role involves administrative and financial responsibilities, as well as organising events and project management related duties.
Yvette Nowell, Programme Director, South Africa Office
  • With a background in high school teaching, working with non-profit organisations and a significant chapter as a social investment specialist in a corporate and investment bank, Yvette’s interest in sustainability has grown alongside her experience of different sectors and silos – and the people in all of them, who make change happen. Her facilitation style helps to level the playing field and connect people, so we can be more creative and find better solutions, together.
Dr Gabriel Okello, Prince of Wales Junior Research Fellow
  • Gabriel joined CISL July 2020 as Research Associate. Gabriel is a research active expert with vast experience in renewable energy, air pollution assessment and human exposure science. He is interested in human exposure science with specific interests in the health effects of air pollution and interventions relating to automobile exhaust emissions, biomass fuel smoke, second-hand smoke and emissions from industries. Gabriel is passionate about promoting evidence-based policies and citizen science to reduce human exposure to air pollutants in outdoor, indoor and workplace settings. His research aims to encourage the uptake of air pollution measures and to strengthen knowledge surrounding public health benefits due to cleaner air in all settings; thereby building capacity around the use of air pollution information in healthcare to help manage patients with respiratory disease and multimorbidity.
Pascale Palmer, Senior Media Advisor
  • Pascale is Senior Media Advisor supporting the work of CISL’s Centres and Leadership Groups.
Romain Pardo, Programme Manager
  • Romain joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) in December 2018 to work as Programme Manager in the EU office. Prior to joining CISL, Romain spent most of his career working as a Policy Analyst in various Brussels based Think Tanks.
John Pharoah, Senior Project Manager, Business and Nature Team
  • John works within the Natural Capital Impact Group which convenes global companies wishing to better understand and manage their impacts and dependencies on natural capital. This currently includes research on the interconnected declines in quantity and quality of soil, water and biodiversity, at the landscape level.
Aidan Pittman, Finance Analyst
  • Aidan joined CISL in October 2018, as a Data Analyst and Administrative Assistant for the rapidly growing Accelerator Team. Following this, Aidan worked as a Finance Assistant for a few months before starting his role as a Finance Analyst in October 2019.
Dr Judith Plummer Braeckman, Senior Research Associate
  • For the majority of her career, Judith has worked on large infrastructure and engineering projects in developing countries with the aim of bringing sustainable improvements in living standards and reductions in poverty. Judith's principal area of expertise is in the structuring, financing and economic development of infrastructure utilities and projects. She was jointly responsible for developing and implementing a strategy for re-engagement of the World Bank in the construction of large water infrastructure.
Dr Martin Porter, Executive Chair, CISL Brussels
  • Martin joined CISL from the European Climate Foundation, where he was working as Europe Group Co-ordinator. He has also led their Industry and Innovation programme and has a long track record of working on industry, environment and sustainability issues prior to taking up that role in 2015. He is also an expert advisor to the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 on climate and resource issues, a representative on the Economic and Social Committee’s Commission on Industrial Change, a member of UCL’s European Institute Advisory Board and a member of the advisory board to the Sustainable Biomass Programme.
Harry Randhawa, Project Coordinator
  • Harry joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in May 2018 as an Administrative Assistant to the Directorate as part of the Executive Support Team. He provided fundamental support to the director, executives and management bodies of CISL. As of September 2019, Harry has joined the Executive Education Team as a Project Coordinator where he is now working across the executive education portfolio.
Dr Jake Reynolds, Executive Director, Sustainable Economy
  • Jake is Executive Director, Sustainable Economy, at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership where he is responsible for CISL’s research, including the pioneering Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme. He acts as a senior advisor to CISL’s Centre for Sustainable Finance which develops practical thought leadership through long-running collaborations with the investment, banking and insurance industries. As architect of CISL’s 10-year vision and plan, Rewiring the Economy, his team offers robust analysis, tools and evidence for leaders seeking action on sustainability.
Martin Roberts, Director, Digital Learning Programmes
  • Martin is responsible for CISL's online learning courses and other digital services, helping companies and individuals develop the necessary leadership skills and expertise to address sustainability challenges and identify new commercial opportunities by applying innovative business models of the future.
Annabelle Roblin, Project Manager
  • Annabelle joined CISL in May 2016. She provides coordination and project management for the CLG secretariat, with a focus on research and content delivery for CLG thought-leadership reports and briefings. She also supports the CLG’s participation in the We Mean Business Coalition. Annabelle is based in Cambridge.
Grant Rudgley , Project Manager, Sustainable Finance
  • Grant Rudgley joined the Sustainable Finance team in September 2018 from accountants Price Bailey, where his team provided Strategy and Corporate Finance advice to innovative SMEs that would culminate in the placement of growth capital. As Lead Analyst, he led the Research and Insight function and, separately, specialised in Global Transfer Pricing advisory.
Dr Pablo Salas, Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow
  • Dr Salas is the Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow in Radical Innovation and Disruption, supported by Paul and Michelle Gilding.
  • Addressing complex global challenges requires capabilities far beyond the reach of a single field of study. It is with this motivation that Pablo became an interdisciplinary scholar. His academic background combines undergraduate studies on electrical engineering, with extensive training in physics, mathematics, computing sciences and dynamic systems and postgraduate studies in economics and land economy. Throughout his career, Pablo has applied the knowledge acquired in his formal education into innovative and impactful projects. From building robots to support education to designing and implementing the first large scale system for automatic detection of wildfires in Chile, Pablo has always embraced complex challenges and tackles them using collaborative interdisciplinary approaches. After working four years in the telecommunications industry in Chile, he decided to come back to academia, where he has been since 2009, first in Germany and now in the UK.
+44 (0) 12237 68823
Gillian Secrett, Director of Leadership Programmes
  • Gillian Secrett has recently joined CISL to head a new Leadership programmes portfolio which puts sustainability at its core. Her focus is on supporting major organisations to build the leadership capacity they need to respond to strategic sustainability challenges; to innovate and collaborate in creating value that meets society’s needs; and to be influential in shaping the future we want.
Dr Nina Seega
  • Dr Nina Seega is a Research Director for Sustainable Finance at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). She is an expert in the use of risk management tools to address environmental sources of risk in the financial sector. Since 2016 she has co-led the CISL team serving as Knowledge Partner for the risk analysis track of the G20 Green Finance Study Group. Previously, Nina was the Head of the London Traded Products Desk for Dresdner Kleinwort, where she was responsible for credit risk management of traded products.
Alice Spencer, Programme Director
  • Alice joined CISL in 2017 and is the global lead for CISL’s flagship HRH Prince of Wales’s Programme, delivered annually in Cambridge, Melbourne, Cape Town, Singapore (2021) and virtually. She is also responsible for developing and delivering customised executive education programmes for senior leaders and has significant ongoing programmes within the banking, manufacturing and retail sectors. Alice has experience of working with boards and oversees CISL’s programme for Non-Executive Directors in Australia, which equips delegates to engage with strategic business decisions to align sustainability and profitability.
Rebecca Stanley, Senior Project Manager
  • Becky is the Graduate Programmes Manager for both the Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment master’s and for the Postgraduate Certificate.
Jack Swindlehurst, Project Co-ordinator
  • Jack joined CISL as an Project Coordinator in January 2019, having worked in the events industry for more than 6 years
Dr Cath Tayleur, Senior Programme Manager, Business and Nature Team
  • Cath is a Senior Programme Manager in the Business and Nature team, with a focus on projects related to biodiversity. She leads the team’s work on the Trade, Development and Environment Hub project, which aims to make international commodity trade sustainable for nature and people. She also works with businesses to create approaches to help them better understand and mitigate their impacts on nature, particularly those arising through their agricultural supply chains.
Andy Taylor, Technology Director, CISL
  • Andy is the lead for technology and digital solutions which support the day-to-day operations of the Institute and its staff. He is also responsible for enabling the digital transformation of CISL which will support the Institute as it expands on its reach and delivery of its primary mission.
Alison Thompson, Programme Director, Business and Nature
  • Alison has joined CISL as a Programme Director leading the Business & Nature team, whilst Gemma Cranston is on Maternity Leave. The team supports companies to understand their impacts and dependencies on nature, set evidence- based goals to address these, and align their strategies and decision-making processes to protect and restore nature, as part of CISL’s Centre for Business Transformation.
Janaina Topley Lira, Project Manager
  • Janaina joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) in January 2019 to work as Project Manager in the EU office. She provides coordination and planning for the CLG Europe secretariat, with a focus on implementing the membership strategy, working on event management and communications campaigns. She also supports the Step Up Now communications platform and on profiling the CLGs at international events.
Janna Tweed, International Markets Manager
  • Janna has worked at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) for over six years. She has a wealth of experience in project managing both open and customised executive leadership programmes, and developing and managing the Executive Education growing international portfolio.
Nikki van Dijk, Project Manager
  • Nikki joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) Education team as a Project Manager in August 2020. Nikki provides project management to a range of CISL’s open and custom programmes, including the Price of Wales Business & Sustainability Programme.
Thomas Vergunst, Programme Director, Finance Sector Education
  • Thomas joined CISL in April 2017 where he started off delivering executive education programmes for senior executives from both the financial sector and real economy. He now focuses exclusively on the financial sector and works closely with CISL’s Centre for Sustainable Finance to head up the Institute’s educational work in this space. Over recent years, his work has focused on the interconnected links between finance, policy and business strategies that can be used to encourage a shift towards a more sustainable economy.
Nick Villiers , Director of Sustainable Finance
  • Nick leads the Centre for Sustainable Finance, which helps financial institutions play a leading role in building a more sustainable economy. Prior to joining CISL in September 2019, Nick spent 18 years in investment banking working in Debt Capital Markets, primarily advising financial institutions on balance sheet structure, capital raising and post-crisis regulations.
Bianca Voicu, Project Manager
  • Bianca Voicu joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) in December 2017 as Project Co-ordinator. Bianca works across the executive education portfolio, predominantly coordinating our customised programmes and working with directors and programme managers to tailor sustainability leadership programmes for companies and public sector organisations.
Aris Vrettos, Director, Centre for Business Transformation
  • Aris leads CISL’s Centre for Business Transformation, which develops and integrates new thinking, tools and strategies that enable business to play a transformative role toward a sustainable economy. The Centre contributes to CISL’s research and thought leadership in sustainable business, purpose, culture, governance and innovation and also houses our Advisory Services, Business & Nature work and the CISL Accelerator and SME Hub.
Ben Walbanke-Taylor, Facilities Manager
  • Ben became the Institute’s first Facilities Manager, upon joining in Nov 2019. He also operates as the Departmental Safety Officer and Fire Manager, responsible for all aspects of Health & Safety within the organisation.
Catherine Weller, Programme Manager, Business and Nature Team
  • Catherine joins CISL as a Programme Manager in the Business and Nature team. She is leading the Natural Capital Impact Group to assist businesses in sustaining and restoring the natural world and its resources through its strategies and operating practices.
Eliot Whittington, Director of Policy; Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group
  • Eliot leads CISL’s team that bridges between business and policy makers to bring about a more sustainable economy. He is the current Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, which brings together businesses to work towards a step change in policy and action on climate change, and of the EU Green Growth Platform, which creates a common space for governments, businesses and parliamentarians to collaborate in support of a greener EU economy.
Adele Williams, Senior Communications Manager
  • Adele has worked in PR and corporate communications for over 10 years across public and not-for-profit sectors.
Hannah Williams, Project Co-ordinator
  • Hannah is a Project Co-ordinator in the Graduate Programmes team assisting in delivering the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)’s accredited programmes. Prior to joining CISL, she worked in Widening Participation with the Cambridge Admissions Office and with IntoUniversity.
Marta Wnuk, Policy Intern
  • Marta is a Policy Intern in the Centre for Policy and Industrial Transformation based in the CISL Brussels Office. She supports work with the CLG Europe, Green Growth Partnership and We Mean Business coalition.
Ursula Woodburn, Programme Director
  • Ursula Woodburn is a Programme Director and manages the Brussels office. Through her role she drives further corporate engagement on the long-term climate strategy and building a sustainable European economy. She manages the Corporate Leaders Group Europe, the We Mean Business EU Policy Group and the EU Green Growth Platform, which creates a common space for governments, businesses and parliamentarians to collaborate in support of a greener EU economy.
Candice Worsteling, Project Manager, Business and Nature Team
  • Since joining the team in 2018, Candice has been leading on the project management of the Catchment Leadership Network and on the GCRF Trade, Development and Environment hub research grant. She supports the work of the Business and Nature team providing research, administration, publication development and project delivery.
Dr Polina Yaseneva, Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow
  • Dr Yaseneva is the Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow in Transforming the Pulp and Paper Industry, supported by Sappi.
  • Polina joined CISL Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme in October 2019 to work on pathways of sustainable industrial transformation within pulp and paper industry. The emphasis of her work will be on life cycle assessment (LCA) and tools development bridging chemistry, environmental analysis and process design. She obtained MSc degree in ecology from Novosibirsk State University (Russia) followed by PhD in Chemistry at Cardiff University. During her post-doctoral positions at Universities of Warwick and Cambridge she was involved in European projects SYNFLOW, MONOCAT and MEASURE as an expert on sustainability assessment and metrics for evaluation of new chemical technologies. She was also involved in The Cambridge Centre for Carbon Reduction in Chemical Technology (C4T) in Singapore working on valorisation of bio-waste into high-value molecules.
+44 (0) 12237 67393
Khatereh Zavareh, Finance and Office Co-ordinator
  • Khatereh (Kay) joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in October 2015.
Jie Zhou , Programme Manager, Sustainability Hub and Accelerator team
  • Jie Zhou joined in 2021 as Programme Manager for CISL’s Accelerator. With more than ten years’ work experience in both UK and China, Jie is passionate about bringing together leading businesses, governments, investors and emerging innovators to accelerate sustainability innovations.
Krisztina Zálnoky, Project Manager
  • Krisztina joined the CISL Brussels office to work as a policy intern in July 2020, and she is currently providing maternity cover for a Project Manager role.