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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Camilla joined CISL in August 2022 as a Project Co-ordinator in the Executive Education team, working within the Strategy Portfolio. Having graduated in 2021 from the University of St Andrews with an MSc in Sustainable Development, her research has primarily focused on sustainable heritage (particularly in Scotland) as well as healthy and sustainable food systems. 

Prior to CISL, Camilla worked as an Editorial Research Assistant at Westminster Forum Projects, where she held a role of direct communication and rapport-building with high-profile stakeholders active in the field of food and nutrition policy. There, she was involved the life cycle of the events, from planning to delivery. Other previous experiences, particularly in the field of education, include her accredited Trinity College’s TESOL training as an English language teacher and remote teaching experience; her role as a Faculty Representative for the University of York’s Arts & Humanities Faculty; and a remote internship with SDG-oriented charity VolNepal. 

Originally from Italy and having received a double French-Italian diploma in Paris, France, Camilla received an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of York.  Her hobbies include playing tennis and studying new languages. 

Project Co-ordinator