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Natural capital: How can companies sustain the natural world through their operating practices?

Current upward trends for consumption, population and economic growth across the globe are placing enormous pressure on natural resources, including water, biodiversity, soil and carbon, and the resulting impact on the environment looks set to increase at an alarming rate. This creates long-term risks to business, consumers and wider society who depend on the Earth's natural resource base. Through its Natural Capital portfolio, CISL is providing the structured path that businesses need to identify sustainability solutions and create momentum at scale.

Natural Capital Impact Group

A global network of companies, convened by CISL, working collaboratively to determine how business can sustain the natural world and its resources through its strategies and operating practices.

Natural Capital Coalition

CISL is a key partner in helping the Natural Capital Coalition to deliver the Natural Capital Protocol, which provides a standardised framework for businesses to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

Partnership for Pollinators

A leadership group of companies, standard-setting bodies and pollination experts committed to understanding the potential risks posed by pollinator decline to supply chains, and catalysing action to halt wild pollinator decline.


Thought leadership and news

The Best Use of UK Agricultural Land

25 June 2014 - The demands on UK agricultural land are escalating. Meeting the needs of a growing population, providing greater food and energy security, increasing woodland coverage and offering better environmental protection are just some of these demands. But where will this land be found?

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The Nexus Network launched

09 June 2014 - The Nexus Network, launched on Monday 9 June, offers business the opportunity, for the first time, to design and deliver research by embracing science in all its manifestations – social and natural – to ensure the sustainable management and secure supply of natural capital, including energy, food and water.

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