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Low carbon Business Compendium published

last modified Oct 02, 2019 05:16 PM
3 March 2016 – Green Growth Platform Ministerial Dinner: Norwegian Minister launches low carbon Business Compendium showing the ambitions and achievements that European businesses have made so far in tackling climate change and moving towards a low carbon economy.

Last night at the Green Growth Platform (GGP) Ministerial Dinner, attended by Environment and Energy Ministers from across Europe as well representatives from leading global businesses, the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment, Vidar Helgesen, launched the second low carbon Business Compendium five years on from the first.

"I am delighted to introduce this Compendium. The case studies presented inspire me. The leading positions, as taken by companies across disciplines and sectors make me optimistic. Through partnership between the private and public sectors we are breaking the climate stalemate."

Vidar Helgesen, Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment

The Business Compendium brings together a wide range of examples of actions, ambitions and achievements from global companies showing how the private sector is responding to the green growth opportunities presented by the shift to the low carbon economy signalled in the Paris Agreement. 

The Compendium was launched at a meeting of the GGP, which itself brings together the private sector, policymakers and ministers to grasp green growth opportunities, and was compiled by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Members of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group contributed case studies of their achievements alongside the companies participating in the GGP. The Business Compendium presents the positions companies are taking across disciplines and sectors to tackle climate change and how, through partnerships between the private and public sectors, they are making progress.

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