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ClimateWise supports the insurance industry to better communicate, disclose and respond to the risks and opportunities associated with the climate-risk protection gap. This is the growing divide between total economic and insured losses attributed to climate change.

Representing a growing global network of leading insurance industry organisations, ClimateWise helps to align its members’ expertise to directly support society as it responds to the risks and opportunities of climate change.

ClimateWise Principles

The Principles help members disclose their individual response to climate change. An annual assessment of each member and a collective public review of the ClimateWise community help inform regulators and the broader financial markets on how the insurance industry is responding to the challenges and opportunities they face.

Societal Resilience Programme

The Societal Resilience Programme convenes impact-orientated, collaborative research to help insurers proactively respond to the widening climate risk protection gap. Three core themes focus on the industry’s support for asset management, regulation, and resilient cities.

Insurance Advisory Council

The Insurance Advisory Council is comprised of C-suite executives from across ClimateWise’s membership base. It commissions high-impact research that helps regulators to fully understand the nature of climate risks impacting insurance and where insurers can support system-wide responses across the financial markets.

ClimateWise is convened by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), which also provides the Secretariat. Decisions and positions of the group do not represent the policies or positions of CISL or of the wider University of Cambridge.


Climate change: Value at risk to investment and Aviva’s strategic response

24 July 2015 – A report has been published from the Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by Aviva, on the value at risk of climate change to investment, pensions and long-term savings.

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Climate Change: A Risk Assessment

14 July 2015 – Launch of a new report, commissioned by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office, into the role of governments in the fight against climate change.

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Axa Plenary Session: Climate Change and Extreme Weather Risk

1 July 2015 – As part of their support of the UN COP21 Climate Change Conference in December, AXA hosted an ‘AXA Futures’ plenary seminar showcasing some of the latest research work and thinking from leading academics researching extreme weather and climate change.

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