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The ClimateWise Insurance Advisory Council is a group of C-suite executives drawn from across ClimateWise’s global membership base. They commission impact research into ways the insurance industry can support the zero carbon, climate-resilient transition.

Insurance is among the industries most affected by climate change due to what it insures and invests in. Consequently, insurers are keen to mitigate the risks of climate change. While many organisations have worked voluntarily, both individually and in leadership groups, a more co-ordinated response is required across the financial system. This requires a combination of industry leadership supported by cutting-edge research and analysis.

The Council’s purpose is therefore to draw on the University of Cambridge and its partners’ expertise to help strengthen the industry's response and inform regulators, policymakers and other stakeholders on how to promote more systematic responses to climate change across the financial system.

The Council was established in 2016 and is currently chaired by Dominic Christian, Global Chairman Reinsurance Solutions at Aon.

For queries relating to the Council, please contact us.


Council members


Dominic ChristianDominic Christian

Global Chairman Reinsurance Solutions at Aon

“Aon has all too often seen the impact of weather-related events on individuals, families, communities and societies. Reinsurance plays a not inconsiderable part in mitigating the impact of Mother Nature, but still needs to do a better job in understanding more precisely the growing impact of climate change on clients across the Globe.”



Lucy Stanbrough

Lucy Stanbrough

Head of Emerging Risk Research, Willis Research Network

“As Chair of the ClimateWise Managing Committee, I am delighted to support the membership in exploring shared challenges amongst peers for the benefit of a more resilient society. The transition towards a low-carbon economy is essential to tackle systemic risk, and the access to scientific insights and connections with academics and regulators that ClimateWise  provides, creates a unique opportunity for the industry to collaborate on interconnected challenges. ”


Hugh Brennan

Hugh Brennan

CEO, RenaissanceRe UK

“At RenaissanceRe, a core pillar of our ESG strategy is to promote climate resilience. As the frequency and severity of natural catastrophes attributable to human-driven climate change have increased, we are focused on preventing and mitigating the associated impact on society. ClimateWise, and its Insurance Advisory Council, provides a unique opportunity for the industry to collaborate and build a sustainable response to climate change.”


Catlin  StephenStephen Catlin

Chairman and CEO, Convex

“I hope my other roles as Chairman-elect of the International Insurance Society (IIS) and Chairman of the Insurance Development Forum (IDF) benefit the work of the Council as I can co-ordinate and align all organisations. I believe there is an urgent need to address the current misalignment between the need for sustainable investment activities, on the one hand, and a limiting regulatory environment on the other.”


Rowan DouglasRowan Douglas CBE

CEO for Capital, Science and Policy Practice, Willis Towers Watson

“There is growing recognition of the critical role that insurance and its related capabilities play: from science and modelling, to disaster reduction and humanitarian responses, to building national and community resilience. A particular opportunity is to help regulators and other authorities from outside re/insurance learn about the hard-won lessons, and the approach towards disclosure and risk management that our sector has developed over the last two decades, to see how this might be applied more widely.”


Jon DyeJon Dye

CEO, Allianz UK

“As an industry that is both highly sensitive to extreme weather and a major institutional investor, we have a responsibility to anticipate the risks of climate change, care for customers who have to deal with the inevitable changes and enable the transition to a low carbon society.”



Huw EvansHuw Evans

Director General, Association of British Insurers (ABI)

“The ClimateWise Council offers a great opportunity to deepen regulators’ understanding and engagement with climate change.”




Alex HindsonAlex Hindson

Chief Risk and Sustainability Officer, Argo Group

“ArgoGlobal has determined that climate change is a key enterprise risk. We will therefore benefit from access to the Council to understand the direction and trends on climate governance in the insurance industry.”



Sean McGovernSean McGovern

General Counsel, AXA XL

“At AXA XL we are committed to advancing knowledge of climate change, so that we can play our part in helping the world to become more resilient. I’m proud to be part of the ClimateWise Advisory Council, enabling our industry to come together to better tackle the impacts of such critical risks to our communities.” 



John Neal

CEO, Lloyd’s 

“As a market that supports millions of customers and communities around the world, and with a unique understanding of the impacts of climate change and the transition risk across multiple-sectors and geographies, Lloyd’s has an important role to play in driving action towards a sustainable future. The time to act is now, and I am proud to join the ClimateWise Insurance Advisory Council as we work together to accelerate progress towards a more resilient, net-zero economy.”


Martyn RoddenMartyn Rodden

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, MS Amlin.

“The effects of climate change are increasingly evident, as is the need for the (re)insurance industry to play a leadership role in understanding the risks, promoting the response and increasing the world’s resilience to climate change. MS Amlin values the opportunity to collaborate with other industry practitioners to support the ClimateWise agenda.”


James MillardJames Millard

Chief Investment Officer at Hiscox Group and ESG Executive Sponsor

“Discussion of climate-related risk is rightly rising to the top of both the business and media agenda, and insurance has a tangible and practical role to play in the debate.  The industry expertise that the Insurance Advisory Council brings together will boost our collective thinking and response, and as someone who has worked on ESG in the investment space for some time and is passionate about driving positive change, I am delighted to be involved.”


Vivek SyalVivek Syal

Group Chief Risk Officer, Tokio Marine Kiln Group Limited

“The combination of increased attention on climate change and the leadership / influence of the collective insurance sector provides a unique opportunity for us all to both protect our planet and transform the lives of those most vulnerable to its rising challenge. The ClimateWise Advisory Council provides a pathway for us to come together to make this a reality to support a cause that I am passionate about and carry out with utmost care and attention.”


John Scott

Head of Sustainability Risk, The Zurich Insurance group

“Our commitment to the Climatewise Insurance Advisory Council, the Climate Risk Statement of the Geneva Association and through joining the Paris Pledge for Action, is to help policymakers fully understand the nature of climate change risks and identify opportunities to support system-wide responses to climate change.”