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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

ClimateWise is a voluntary global membership initiative bringing together reinsurers, insurers brokers and industry service providers to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by climate change.  The initiative is coordinated through its secretariat based at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) within the Centre for Sustainable Finance (CSF).

CISL is uniquely placed to bring together the ClimateWise membership with leading firms from banking and investing through CSFs sister platforms the Banking Environment Initiative (link) and the Investment Leaders Group (link) resulting in a more coordinated and informed approach to shared challenges. The University of Cambridge brings world-class academic expertise and perspectives to these challenges.

For more information on how to join ClimateWise please  or download our brochure.


Summary of member benefits

  • The ClimateWise forum provides an effective way for the insurance industry to interact with other stakeholders, providing a collective voice.
  • Exploring shared challenges - ClimateWise brings together a diverse group of insurance industry firms. The space the initiative creates within which shared challenges can be discussed is one of the most valued aspects of membership.
  • Access to CISL’s global Network of over 9,000 senior leaders and practitioners from business, government and civil society. 
  • Member alignment, via The ClimateWise Principles, with emerging global best practice on climate risk disclosure.
  • Board-level access to the latest, cutting-edge research on the commercial opportunities of climate change.
  • Association, via CISL’s involvement, in global networks. This includes the G20’s Green Finance Study Group and the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.
  • Ongoing support via CISL’s broader network of business platforms, executive education programmes and opportunities for customised board-level strategic support.

Within the membership, ClimateWise convenes members at practitioner level through the ClimateWise Managing Committee and at C-suite level through the ClimateWise Insurance Advisory Council.