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Dr Gemma Cranston Director, Natural Capital

Dr Gemma Cranston, Director, Natural Capital

Gemma works within the Natural Capital Impact Group, bringing together influential companies with a global reach to address their dependencies and impacts on natural capital and enable companies to translate this into a tangible business context.


Gemma holds a Ph.D in Ecological Footprints and previously worked as the Lead Scientist at Global Footprint Network in Geneva. She has co-authored and shaped a variety of innovative projects including ‘E.Valu.A.Te’: the Tool and its online valuation Game; the ‘E-RISC’ project on the inclusion of environmental risk in sovereign bond assessment; and the WWF 2012 Living Planet Report.

When not pursuing natural capital drivers within business, Gemma can often be found rehearsing for her next choral concert ever hopeful that her debut in Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’ wasn’t a one off!

"The sustainability challenges we face as individuals, business leaders and governments can seem overwhelming and incredibly complex, but that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome then. It is the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s unique ability to challenge the challenges, translate solutions and convene multi-sector and trans-disciplinary stakeholders that I find so exciting and stimulating, which can cut a pathway through complexity to tangible action."