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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Gemma is the Director of the Business and Nature team, collaborating with companies to identify strategic approaches to address their dependencies and impacts on nature. She is leading a team who are looking to amplify business support for ambitious global action on reversing nature loss, articulate a view on what business leadership looks like in the face of the ecological crisis and identify sustainable and scalable solutions.



Gemma has fifteen years of experience in sustainability working with researchers, business and governments. Through the Natural Capital Impact Group, she has worked closely with companies wishing to measure and reduce their impacts on soil, water and biodiversity in supply chains. Gemma developed the Catchment Management Declaration with a group of multi-sector actors with the ambition to tackle the collective challenges through catchment management. She has been involved in a collaborative project analysing the risks and strategies for companies to respond to pollination deficit for key commodities. She has been a long standing member of the Natural Capital Coalition Advisory Panel and was involved with the development and testing of the Natural Capital Protocol with over 50 businesses. Gemma has developed programmes around sustainable cotton, the future of the UK dairy sector, resilience in commercial forestry, and the food/water/energy/environment nexus. 

Dr Gemma  Cranston
Director, Business and Nature Team