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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Antoine is the CEO of the Leapership Consultants Group. A Leadership and Performance Consultant having worked with organizations across the globe and the Middle East in over 23 countries and 17 different business sectors.


Antoine's approach to Leadership is based on Neuro Science, Genetics and Psychology given his extensive academic and professional knowledge in the area. He is the head of the  Brain-Based Leadership Development Program held in Cambridge UK, DBA faculty associate for Nottingham Business School, and a visiting professor at the University of Leicester MBA, Northampton MBA, and Helsinki Business School.  He is also an expert in Psychometric Assessment and Experiential Learning with International Certifications in those areas of expertise. Antoine is a writer in the CIPD People Management Magazine and has won many awards and client recognitions internationally.

Dr Antoine  Eid
CEO of the Leapership Consultants Group