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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Nina Seega, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Finance at CISL, said:

“ClimateWise members have been at the forefront of climate-related disclosure for more than 15 years. It is now time to incorporate not only climate but also nature considerations into day-to-day and strategic business decisions. The updated ClimateWise Principles reflect this progress and help the insurance industry to step up and lead the transition to a more sustainable economy.” 


Sid Miller, Programme Director at ClimateWise at CISL, said:

“To address the challenges of the changing climate and nature regulatory environments, ClimateWise Members have developed a new set of Principles that supports the ongoing adaptation of their organisations and the tracking of progress across the Insurance sector. The new Principles represent a strong commitment by ClimateWise Members to transitioning to a sustainable economy.” 


Alex Hindson, Partner and Head of Sustainability at Crowe UK, said:

“The new ClimateWise Principles have been updated to reflect maturing landscapes for the insurance sector with respect to climate and nature-risk management. We are delighted at Crowe to act as ClimateWise’s strategic Partner in this exercise and look forward to supporting the members through this transition period, as they mature their approaches to meet this enhanced guidance.” 


Rachel Delhaise, Head of Sustainability at Convex Group, said:

“As we in the insurance sector look increasingly to find efficiency and structure to our climate related principles and disclosures, ClimateWise, with its unique lens of a forward looking, insurance specific perspective, offers real value. In addition, the insights gained through the strong support of University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership are a terrific asset in our understanding of climate and nature related considerations.”