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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

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We help our clients design and develop collaborations with their peers and stakeholders, within and across sectors and through engagement with policymakers and NGOs. 


Our clients recognise that real business leadership is not just about their own impact, but about working to shape the future: to use organisational voice and influence to achieve a sustainable economy. We call this enlightened self interest. This means collaborating with peers to increase standards across sectors, developing joined up roadmaps for action, and engaging with policymakers at regional, national and international levels to support progressive regulation and sustainable development.

This requires new ways of thinking and working, and the development of new organisational capabilities to find opportunities for leverage.

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Leadership for collective business action

We bring together business, government and finance leaders to explore opportunities and challenges they could not address alone. In doing so, we foster an exchange of ideas across traditional boundaries to generate new, actionable thinking based on high-quality evidence and research.

Our groups focus on key industry sectors and solution areas in line with Rewiring the Economy, CISL’s ten-year plan to lay the foundations for a sustainable economy.  

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Case study

Inspiring leadership through business insight reports

The Corporate Leaders Group, convened by CISL, has published a series of ‘business conversation’ reports on EU-relevant climate policy topics including renewable energy, resource productivity, transport, and building renovation. These reports combine policy evidence and inspiring examples of business innovation to provide confidence to decision-makers to accelerate action in the areas explored.