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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

We support the development of solutions and collaborations that enable radical transformation in the way businesses, governments and financial institutions work together. In doing so we foster an exchange of ideas across traditional boundaries to generate new actionable thinking and lay out the pathways needed to transition to a sustainable economy.

Our leadership groups and collaborative initiatives, guided by Rewiring the Economy and the work of our Centres, bring together organisations and leaders to tackle problems they can’t solve alone. With the support of academics and expert practitioners, these groups offer a collective voice that can influence policy and practice, identify system level solutions and advocate change. 


Collaborative Action

Centre for Business Transformation

Developing new thinking and solutions to enable business to play a transformative role towards a sustainable economy.

Business Transformation Group

A collaborative leadership group of forward-looking international businesses aiming to help companies set a truly sustainable business path across key areas such as nature, climate, circular economy and inequality.

Catchment Leadership Network 

A collaborative initiative that aims to drive a step change in catchment management by bringing together businesses from across sectors with UK government and NGO stakeholders.          

Business for Nature

CISL is a key partner in helping this coalition demonstrate business action and amplify a powerful business voice calling for governments to reverse nature loss.

 Find out more about our Centre for Business Transformation.

Centre for Policy and Industrial Transformation

Developing high impact, systemic solutions to drive policy and industrial change towards a sustainable economy.

The Corporate Leaders Groups

Leading global businesses from a range of industries including retail and consumer goods, transport and infrastructure, finance and power generation working together to advocate solutions to climate change with policymakers and business peers at the highest level. Together, CLG Europe and The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group have headquarters across the UK and EU member states but with influence and presence in every region of the world.

Green Growth Partnership

Ministers from 16 governments, 18 members of the EU parliament and over 40 major businesses who discuss and debate the economic opportunities and challenges involved in the transition to a zero carbon economy.

Future of Plastic Packaging

A group of leading bottled water and soft drink manufacturers, convened by CISL, which has set out an ambitious roadmap to eliminate plastic packaging waste from the bottled water and soft drinks value chain in the UK by 2030.

 Find out more about our Centre for Policy and Industrial Transformation.

Centre for Sustainable Finance 

Helping financial institutions to play a leading role in building a more sustainable economy through a unique combination of deep industry collaboration and high-calibre research.

ClimateWise (global insurance)

ClimateWise comprises 25 leading insurers, reinsurers, brokers and industry service providers who share a commitment to reducing the impact of climate change on society, as well as the insurance industry.

Banking Environment Initiative

Some of the world’s largest banks working to lead their industry in directing capital towards environmentally and socially sustainable economic development.

Investment Leaders Group

Leading investment managers and asset owners with over £15 trillion under management working to help shift the investment chain towards responsible, long-term value creation.

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