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March 2019

Implications of trade deals for farming and environmental standards in the UK

March 2019: Liberalised food production and farming standards could form a key element for future trade UK-US trade relationships. A deregulated post-Brexit food market could offer consumers food at lower prices but could also negatively affect public health outcomes in the UK.

Implications of trade deals for farming and environmental standards in the UK - Read More…

A decade of ecosystem restoration

March 2019: The UN declared 2021-2030 as the decade on ecosystem restoration that could lead to the restoration of 350 million hectare of land, ocean, and marine ecosystems and generate USD 9 trillion in ecosystem services.

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Rising UK temperatures in February

March 2019: Arctic warming is leading to temperature spikes and drops in mid-latitude areas resulting in abnormally high temperatures in the UK in February. Extreme weather conditions demonstrate that climate change is not a future but a current threat.

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Rising vaccine hesitancy

March 2019: Falling MMR vaccination rates result in rising measles outbreaks, increasing child mortality rates, and a significant cost increase for public health systems. Underlying causes for rising vaccine hesitancy are populism, marginalised communities distrusting elites or experts, and economic inequality in disenfranchised communities.

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Dynamic ocean management

March 2019: Flexible algorithms based on tracking and ocean-condition data allow researchers to predict fish behaviour in real time. It allows for a greater balance between conservation concerns and economic viability of fisheries in warming oceans.

Dynamic ocean management - Read More…

Conflicting priorities in sustainable agriculture

March 2019: Scientific evidence shows that there is very little alignment between objectives for policy makers, farmers, and researchers in sustainable agriculture. Key to aligning diverging interests is exploring the social dimension of sustainable agriculture and increasing collaboration between the groups.

Conflicting priorities in sustainable agriculture - Read More…

Plantoids: Robotics inspired by plants

March 2019: A new and emerging field of robotics is taking inspiration from plants to build flexible, sustainable, and biodegradable robots. Most prominently, artificial leaves could play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Plantoids: Robotics inspired by plants - Read More…

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Manulife Investment Management becomes newest member of CISL’s Investment Leaders Group

Oct 09, 2020

9 October 2020 – Manulife Investment Management is the latest organisation to join the Investment Leaders Group (ILG), a voluntary member initiative striving to create an investment chain that prioritises economic, social and environmental sustainability. The ILG is convened by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

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