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Sustainability Horizons: what’s coming into view?

Sustainability Horizons is CISL’s monthly scan of issues and evidence coming into view, but which may not yet feature in the mainstream sustainability debate. This is not a prediction of the future, but a way of helping practitioners and policymakers to get early notice of new ideas, trends or evidence, to inform their own view of what might or should happen as a result.

Find out more about our own work in developing new ideas and approaches that have the potential to deliver transformational change and rewire the economy.


Latest review

Sustainability reporting

April 2019: An increasing number of investors is consulting ESG data before making investment decisions. However, a lack of standardisation in reporting systems and the lack of an accreditation system for sustainability assurance professionals challenges comparability between companies.

Sustainability reporting - Read More…

Competitive carbon negative power generation using BECCS

April 2019: Combining coal-bioenergy gasification with carbon capture and storage technologies could be economically and technically viable. This could incentivise the transition of large coal-dependent countries such as China to a carbon negative energy system.

Competitive carbon negative power generation using BECCS - Read More…

Expansion and intensification of neglected tropical diseases

April 2019: Milder climates in Northern Europe and North America could lead to a global spread of mosquito-borne diseases such as Malaria and Zika. Spreading mosquito populations increase pressure on health care systems and pose high risks for global public health security.

Expansion and intensification of neglected tropical diseases - Read More…

Water shortages and reallocation

April 2019: Data suggests that Britain will experience significant water shortages due to climate change by 2050. It is paramount to consider the social and environmental impact of water management projects when defining policies and investments into water security.

Water shortages and reallocation - Read More…

Humanoids: Robotics in elderly care

April 2019: Advances in material science and Artificial Intelligence now allow for the production of autonomous, soft, lightweight robots. These humanoids could find wide spread future application in elderly care and nursing as many countries face aging populations and staff shortages.

Humanoids: Robotics in elderly care - Read More…

Quantifying the pace of glacial melting

April 2019: A comprehensive overview shows that glaciers are melting and are causing sea levels to rise 3mm per year. Rising sea levels are causing coastal inundation and increase the risk of water shortage or flooding in inland communities.

Quantifying the pace of glacial melting - Read More…

Severe weather impacts on Scottish agricultural sector

April 2019: A WWF report shows that severe weather events already have a negative economic impact on Scottish farmers. The effects of climate change-driven extreme weather could be mitigated by cross-sectional policy alignment and building resilience in the agricultural sector.

Severe weather impacts on Scottish agricultural sector - Read More…

Bioconversion of waste into bio-jet fuel

April 2019: Genetically modified bacteria breaking down non-food biomass shows promising results in delivering sustainable plant based jet fuel. This fuel has a higher energy density per volume and could be a price competitive alternative to conventional fuels.

Bioconversion of waste into bio-jet fuel - Read More…

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