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Sustainability Horizons: what’s coming into view?

Sustainability Horizons is CISL’s monthly scan of issues and evidence coming into view, but which may not yet feature in the mainstream sustainability debate. This is not a prediction of the future, but a way of helping practitioners and policymakers to get early notice of new ideas, trends or evidence, to inform their own view of what might or should happen as a result.

Find out more about our own work in developing new ideas and approaches that have the potential to deliver transformational change and rewire the economy.


Latest review

Environmental footprint of shared e-scooters

September 2019: Carbon emissions from upstream and downstream processes of electric scooters have similar overall emissions to travelling by bus, bicycle, or moped. These emissions could be mitigated if operators would use more efficient vehicles when collecting and re-distributing scooters, reduce the overall frequency of collection, and reduce the environmental impact during manufacturing.

Environmental footprint of shared e-scooters - Read More…

Climate change challenges human rights

September 2019: Climate change has the potential to erode human rights, such as social security, access to food, healthcare, shelter, and decent work. The report identifies government leadership and private sector investments as key drivers to adapt current human rights mechanisms.

Climate change challenges human rights - Read More…

Socially accepted litter – cigarette butts

September 2019: Cigarette ends remain one of the most socially accepted and common forms of litter, but can inhibit plant growth and are hazardous to marine life. New evidence supports calls to ban single-use plastic cigarette filters, and highlights the need for policy intervention.

Socially accepted litter – cigarette butts - Read More…

Environmental footprint of cryptocurrency

September 2019: requires more computing capacity than previously anticipated and experts are calling to link the currency with renewable energy requirements to mitigate any knock-on effects for the energy sector and the currency’s overall carbon footprint.

Environmental footprint of cryptocurrency - Read More…

Infrastructure investments

September 2019: The emergence and rise of new multilateral development banks is increasingly shaping how large infrastructure projects are financed. New evidence calls for collaborative guidelines and standardised lending approaches to promote the design of climate resilient infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure investments - Read More…

Water resource management

September 2019: Groundwater levels are continuously decreasing around the world, emphasising calls for active governance and management of extraction practices. Impacts of depletion especially effect rural communities relying on groundwater as their primary source for domestic and agricultural use.

Water resource management - Read More…

Climate change and land use

September 2019: Several land mark reports are calling for profound changes in the current ways we use land and produce food. Within the next decade, agricultural and food systems will have to transition to agro-ecological systems, requiring policy and financial incentives to accelerate the changes needed to combat climate change and alleviate the public health crisis.

Climate change and land use - Read More…

Water scarcity in India

July 2019: Water scarcity is a global challenge requiring local solutions. New evidence supports a shift towards localised small scale programmes to combat water scarcity and argues against large-scale infrastructure projects to address the water crisis in countries such as in India.

Water scarcity in India - Read More…

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