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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Achieving Zero

The transition to zero is underway. The private sector has a critical role in delivering this transition and there is a growing body of evidence to demonstrate that it makes business sense to act.

Forward looking companies understand this. They are harnessing climate action as driver of innovation, risk management and competitiveness – recognising that setting a course to net zero can provide a powerful guiding light in turbulent times as well as delivering commercial benefits. Yet, there is no blueprint for change and change is not happening fast enough.

The necessary speed and scale of the transition will require unprecedented co-operation and effort from all companies and sectors. It will require transformation towards a new economy that puts people, nature and the climate at the heart of global value creation. 


What we do 

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) plays a key role working with its partners to accelerate this transition. Through our  foresight, education, convening and innovation we help hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals every year to deliver transformational change and impact for a net zero economy.  


CISL insights


The Dubai hosted 28th annual session of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention

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Our position on phasing out fossil fuels.

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Helping businesses align their strategies with net zero.

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Tools, frameworks and thought leadership from the Centre for Sustainable Finance.

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Case studies from startups and SMEs on their net zero journey.

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Thought leadership and knowledge hubs from the Corporate Leaders groups.

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Programmes and courses for business


CISL’s flagship international programme equips leaders with the knowledge, commitment and inspiration to turn sustainability
trends into strategic business decisions.

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Online short course to help business professionals upskill themselves in climate change risk, adaptation measures, and low carbon innovation.

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Cambridge Zero harnesses the full range of the University’s research and policy expertise, developing solutions that work for our lives, our society and our economy. 

Chapter Zero is building a community of non-executive directors and equipping them to lead crucial UK boardroom discussions on the impacts of climate change. 

We Mean Business coalition is a global nonprofit coalition working with the world’s most influential businesses to take action on climate change.




Resources and research

The Trillion Tonne Communique (2014)

23 October 2014

2014 – The Corporate Climate Communiqués are international business statements calling for policies and action to tackle climate change. Bringing together hundreds of business leaders in support of a robust and equitable international treaty on climate change, they are seen by many as representing the definitive voice of progressive business in advance of policy discussions.

Energy Security and the 2030 Climate and Energy Package

23 October 2014

June 2014 – The European Union (EU) is at a crossroads; it can create a competitive Europe-wide energy system that responds to energy security and climate concerns whilst stimulating job creation and growth, or it can become increasingly un-competitive, strangled by high energy imports (the EU imports 53% of the energy it consumes) and an underinvested, underperforming energy system.

We Mean Business: The Climate has Changed

23 October 2014

September 2014 – Climate action was once perceived by many governments and many businesses as about sacrifice. Today, the value proposition is very different.

IPCC Climate Science Business Briefings

5 July 2014

These short, sector-specific briefings in different languages are based on the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), the most comprehensive climate assessment. All documents have a Creative Commons License and are free to use. Translations, presentations, videos, webinars and FAQs are also included.