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Financing the global low carbon transition

last modified Oct 02, 2019 05:13 PM
22 May 2015 – Working with leading experts from the finance sector as part of the Finance Advisory Council to the Green Growth Platform, the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership has produced a briefing note for businesses on financing the low carbon transition.

The briefing note suggests:

  • Ensuring access to adequate and timely cost-effective finance for energy supply, infrastructure and efficiency investment globally.

  • A ten-point action plan that aims to increase the supply of capital for low carbon infrastructure, as well as demand.

Over the next 15 years, approximately $93 trillion will be needed for investment in low carbon infrastructure across the world. This is the challenge that global leaders from the finance sector and governments are attempting to address at today’s Climate Finance Day in Paris.

The finance sector has already taken big steps forward, with leading players developing new tools and approaches to channel more investment into renewable energy and other low carbon infrastructure.

What’s more, the global outlook for low carbon energy looks better than ever, with a resurgence in global clean energy investments in 2014, and renewable energy costs continuing to fall rapidly. Yet governments need to be proactive and continue to develop and improve the policy environment if this growth is to be sustained.

In the briefing note, we describe what a global investment strategy for low carbon energy could look like and put forward a ten-point action plan to mobilise private capital.

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