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Financing the Global Low Carbon Transition

22 May 2015 – Over the next 15 years, approximately $93 trillion will be needed for investment in low carbon infrastructure across the world. Success would mean mobilising more private capital behind public goals, delivering economic growth and putting us on the path to a net-zero emissions global economy. This paper makes a series of recommendations to achieve this goal.

Financing the Global Low Carbon TransitionDownload the report

The finance sector has already taken big steps forward to bridge the gap between this aspiration and the current reality, but to mainstream and build on this progress governments need to set out a clear vision of their infrastructure needs and provide the right national, regional and international policy frameworks.

This paper was written by the Green Growth Platform's Finance Advisory Council (ACIII). The Council draws on leaders from the European finance sector to advise on mobilising capital behind the low carbon transition.

The recommendations herewith have been developed in consultation with ACIII members, which include senior representatives from Deutsche Bank, E3G, the European Investment Bank, HSBC, Natixis, and the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC).

The Green Growth Platform brings together European Ministers with businesses and parliamentarians to catalyse and champion a European policy and economic framework that supports the delivery of an orderly low carbon transition.

The Green Growth Platform and its four Advisory Councils were established and are managed by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and its Corporate Leaders Group.