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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

BSP UK 2018 4


  • 24-27 November 2024
  • 27-30 April 2025

Duration and format

Three and half day residential seminar


Cambridge, UK.


  • The standard residential Cambridge fee remains at £4,750. For more information visit our dedicated fees page.

Selection criteria

Delegates who are accepted to the Programme are typically able to demonstrate:

  • Appropriate senior level position within their organisation, with over 15 years’ experience
  • Significant institutional influence within their organisation to directly affect strategy/strategic decisions
  • Demonstrated commitment to sustainability and ambition to transition their organisation beyond business as usual
  • A high level of proficient in the English language (in order to derive maximum value from participation)
  • Ability to pay the fees or to identify a sponsoring institution

How to apply

Submit your application or get in touch to  who meets the above criteria and we will share materials with you to forward on. 


The Business & Sustainability Programme, Cambridge

The Prince of Wales’s Business & Sustainability Programme is an international leadership programme for senior executives in leadership roles. Since 1994, it has amassed over 3,500 alumni from more than 1,500 organisations.

The programme equips leaders with the knowledge, commitment and inspiration to turn sustainability trends into strategic business decisions.

It gives leaders the knowledge and techniques to redefine and respond to their social, economic and environmental priorities by providing a safe space for sharing, innovation and collaboration.

See a list of previous delegates.


Programme benefits

The programme is designed for organisations and individual leaders who seek to better understand and explore the opportunity of sustainability.

Participants in the programme can:

  • gain a critical understanding of the key social, economic, environmental and market trends and identify implications for the business and priorities for action
  • learn with leaders across different sectors from around the world in a safe space for sharing, innovation and collaboration
  • engage with the latest research and thought leadership from the University of Cambridge and influential experts
  • strengthen leadership skills for a changing context aligned with a sustainable economy
  • leave inspired, with the knowledge and confidence to drive change for sustainable business
  • join a valuable network of international leaders from business, government and civil society.

Programme participants go on to join the CISL Network of nearly 30,000 senior leaders and leading practitioners from around the world. Members enjoy access to alumni events including keynote lectures and gala dinners, they are invited to join our private LinkedIn group, and receive regular updates on international sustainability developments, with the opportunity to contribute to innovative research.




How the programme is delivered

Participants begin their engagement ahead of the seminar through tailored conversations, a sustainable business survey and preparatory readings.

The programme is delivered through a combination of lectures, case-study presentations, group discussions, individual reflections and networking opportunities. Small-group conversations help participants reflect on their leadership journey, test their assumptions, share challenges , learn from peers and co-create responses.


Key themes

The need for effective business leadership

In the context of global trends such as food, water and energy security, social equity, consumption and the circular economy, supply chain resilience, sustainable finance and investment and climate change

The framework for sustainable outcomes

Including the Sustainable Development Goals, the wider regulatory market, and technological shifts and disruptions and the business risks and opportunities they create

The case for a sustainable business approach

Touching the organisational purpose, its role in working with customers, investors, and policymakers, and the commercial case for sustainability

The way to ‘operationalise’ sustainability

Setting strategies, exploring new business models, and building capacity to create shared value

The role of individual leadership

Framing a vision for a sustainable business, the priorities for change and bringing others on board



How do we deal with participants from the same industry?

The seminars provide a safe space for delegates to share and co-explore challenges and ideas relating to their personal and professional context. All discussions are treated as confidential and are conducted under the Chatham House Rule. For some of the more sensitive conversations, attendees from competing organisations are allocated to different syndicate groups, however, there is nothing to prevent these individuals engaging in active debate and sharing of ideas – in our experience, delegates appreciate the opportunity to interact with their peers on a shared sustainability agenda.


How to apply

Approximately 35 delegates are selected to attend each seminar. All nominations are subject to a robust vetting procedure to achieve the right balance on each seminar between industry sectors and between business, government and NGOs.

Submit your application or get in touch to  who meets the above criteria and we will share materials with you to forward on.

Please note that you will need to complete the online application form in one sitting, so please ensure that you have all required information with you.


Fees, terms and conditions

The residential programme fee is £4,750 (VAT-exempt), which includes tuition, learning materials, accommodation, activities, meals and membership of our alumni Network. 

Download the terms and conditions.

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Download the brochure

Programme fees



Alice Spencer, Programme Director


"The quality of teaching and organisation of the event was exceptional. The content was inspirational, evidence based and practical. As a direct result of the course I have identified a number of action that I will take forward to strengthen my leadership and delivery" 

Jo Green, Chief Officer, Performance and Innovation, Scottish Environment Protection Agency

"The most impactful and useful course I have ever done. The blend of facts, reality and leadership skills have equipped me to have the right conversations and affect change in my organisation. There is a lot to do, but I have come away armed with the knowledge and that if we work together, companies can solve the crisis we find ourselves in."  

Laura Simmonds, Head of Responsible Procurement, Intercontinental Hotels Group

"This programme is fantastic in giving the broadest global overview possible on all areas of sustainability, and to be honest, business."

Chris Foy, CEO, Equity Insurance