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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Viola has over 20 years’ experience working in the technology and creative sectors in both Asia and the UK. Prior to joining CISL, she was part of the founding team establishing the London Fashion Fund, which supported start-ups and entrepreneurs to address innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry. Originally from Taiwan, Viola is a native Mandarin speaker with strong intercultural knowledge that would benefit businesses seeking to move into the Asian market. At CISL in the Canopy team, she works with hundreds of early-stage sustainability innovation startups, partnering with corporates, investors and innovators. In CISL's Accelerator, we are bridging gaps and empowering sustainability innovations. 




The basis of her work is to leverage existing resources (including CISL’s global network of 30,000 professionals) to support and grow a tech founder and CEO community and eco-system. These supports include but are not limited to designing accelerator programmes, creating thought leadership pieces, launching and analysing surveys and hosting formal and informal events both virtually and in person. 

Viola also acts as an advisor and mentor for a few Accelerators to support founders and CEOs by introducing them to relevant networks such as mentors, investors or potential partners and buyers.

Viola Jardon
Accelerator Programmes Director