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Dr Farzad Saidi Fellow

Dr Farzad Saidi, Fellow

Farzad is an Assistant Professor and Dean's Research Scholar at Boston University, a Research Fellow at the Swedish House of Finance, as well as a Research Affiliate at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).


Prior to moving to Boston University Questrom School of Business, he served as a faculty member at Stockholm School of Economics and University of Cambridge. Farzad is a financial economist, and his research is centered on issues in banking and financial intermediation, monetary policy, and the interplay between finance and the macroeconomy.

Farzad views his contribution to CISL's Investment Leaders Group (ILG) as stemming chiefly from his research background and his experience in the financial sector. First, his broad methodological training allows him to flexibly adjust to the sustainability-specific context of the analysis conducted by the ILG. Second, in order to put theoretical ideas that are to be developed in the group to test, he firmly believes this requires an adequate empirical setup. By means of his experience with financial institutions, he hopes to be able to negotiate for data provision efforts on the part of the ILG members that will provide the group with a crucial empirical backdrop that allows it to conduct a highly innovative analysis of how responsible investment creates value in the real economy.

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